Friday, December 17, 2004

A Loser Picking the Winners, Week 15

Welcome to our planet

Make that four weeks. Plax is out again for the game against the Giants tomorrow, but Duce will try to go. I was thinking that against the Giants it might make sense to put Plax out there in a wheelchair. Seriously. This could be beneficial for the Steelers for several reasons. First, they play on carpet in New York New Jersey so that shouldn't hinder Plax's ability to get vertical (though he may have some trouble coming out of cuts). Second, he'll still be a foot taller than Randle El so he should be able to run roll the fade route in the red zone. Finally, they're playing the Giants.

Anyway, because of the 12-1 start and the emergence of Roethlsiberger, the Steelers have been all over the news. And if you want to read some real news stories about Pittsburgh (instead of the made-up crap you get here), check out Honest Wagner (see here, here, here, here, here and here for just stuff that's been written this week).

Well, in terms of last week's picks, I went an underwhelming 6-10. Amazingly I'm still over .500 for the season, but because of bad karma (and juice) I'm still $380 in the hole. At this point in the season there are so many teams that are so predictably unpredictable, it's even hard for me -- with my keen sense of winners, losers and point spreads -- to get a firm grasp on which teams should win (read: even guessing has become difficult at this late stage of the season). All right, enough with the babbling, here are the week 15 picks (oh yeah, one more thing. I have no idea what that caption means under the picture of Cowher and Roethlisberger. It was the first thing that popped into my head and it sounded me):
Season: 104 - 98 - 5
Last week: 6 - 10
Earnings to date: - $380

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