Friday, October 08, 2004

A Loser Picking the Winners, Week 5

After one of the best showings in modern history two weeks ago, week 4 reminded me that if someone described me as "the guy who is average in every way imaginable," I should take it as a compliment. Last week I was 7-6-1, but on the upside, I may have been the only person in the country to pick the Cardinals over the Saints, so I guess I've got that to get me through this weekend.

My Jack Torrance pick for this week is the Dolphins over the Pats (or at least I'll wager that they'll cover the 42-point spread). Speaking of the Dolphins, how bad can things get for this team? Have you ever seen a group of people have collectively such crappy luck? I heard someone mention the other day that as a Dolphins fan, they were actually hoping Miami lost every game this season. And the thing is, the Dolphins just might oblige. And as a fan who likes it when other teams don't do well (pulling for the Steelers made last year especially difficult), even I feel sorry for Miami -- and maybe moreso for their coach (who incidentally, is the only coach in the league still sporting the moustache/feathered hair combo -- always a nice touch).

And maybe that's why I'm picking them to cover a six touchdown point spread, because I see better things for this team -- oh wait, I almost forgot -- I also really dislike the Patriots (and yes, it's for no other reason than they are so good) and I enjoy watching them lose almost as much as I enjoy watching the Steelers win -- as you can imagine, I still require massive amounts of therapy to combat what I had to go through last season (in case you forgot, the Pats were 14-2 and won the Super Bowl; the Steelers were 6-10 and beat San Diego).

Anyway, enough with the babbling. Here are the week 5 picks:

Season: 32 - 25 - 3
Last week: 7 - 6 - 1
Earnings to date: $450

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