Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm a day late with this, so my bad on that, but here's a breakdown of the 28 pass attempts (including sacks) from the Monday night Dolphins' game.
Steps  AvgYds Front Rush Sacks Freq
1 3.3 3.0 4.3 0 3
3 1.6 3.4 4.1 4 10
5 8.9 3.9 4.2 0 13
7 -0.5 4.0 5.0 0 2
A few things to note: 'Steps' is the number of steps Ben took in his dropback; 'Front' is how many down rushers Miami showed pre-snap; 'Rush' is how many Miami defenders rushed on the play; 'Freq' is how often the Steelers ran a pass play using a specific-step drop.

Interestingly, Roethlisberger was sacked all four times on three-step drops, primarily because four rushers beat five Steelers' pass-blockers. Also, the five-steppers weren't as issue because Ben got the ball out when he planted his back foot on step No. 5. Hmm. (Oh, and the one-step drops were slip screens/shovel passes).

Okay, have at it.

Anybody know why fans outside of New York and New England hate the Yankees and Red Sox? I just don't get it. I mean, both teams are now in the Johan Santana sweepstakes, although I'd take a pass if I'm Theo Epstein. I've only been half-paying attention the Red Sox off-season because it's basically become a video game at this point, but if Jacoby Ellsbury has to be part of the deal, in my mind, it's not worth it. Continue not giving a crap. Just putting that out there for the record.

I know absolutely nothing about college football, but HBO is running this unbelievable documentary on the Ohio St. - Michigan rivalry. I was about the best damned thing I've seen on the teevees since the Ravens-Steelers MNF game. I had no idea Woody Hayes was a such a paranoid, maniacal bad ass. Or that the states of Ohio and Michigan had such animosity towards each other.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Really, What's Up With Arians?

I've pretty much been mum on Bruce Arians' play-calling because, frankly, the team was winning, and Ben was doing a nifty job of making plays. But ... what the hell?!? I just don't get it. And yes, I understand the field conditions were dreadful -- I don't have an issue with any of that -- but I don't think Arians was having trouble with his footing on the sidelines, was he?

I don't want to be that guy -- you know, the one who's always bellyaching about everything, no matter how good things are going -- but the Steelers are going to get housed against the Pats in two weeks unless Arians mixes things up.

Yeah, a win's a win, it is what it is, blah blah blah, but at some point, Arians needs to put down the Mike Mularkey crack pipe.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Game Thread, Week 12: Miami Dolphins

If the Steelers lose tonight, I'll be quitting football for the rest of the season. Anybody want to take a gander at the number of times Roethlisberger gets sacked? I'll set the over/under at 12. The over/under for J. Peezy sacks: 0.5.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Texans/Chargers Game Thread

Jeez, waiting for Monday night games certainly does suck following a debilitating loss to a one-win team. Whatever, here's a thread to kill time while you wait for THE RETURN OF J. PEEZY. Or something.

Also, here's a good read from J.J. Cooper for all the masochists.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Hope everybody has a splendid day, and takes a few hours to remember how lucky we all are. (It could be much worse -- what do you think Brian Billick is thankful for? Exactly.)

And because I'm in the giving mood, here's my holiday tip: elastic waistband. No need to thank me. Also, here's a great read from Mr. Wexell that should make you feel better about last week's game that shall never again be mentioned.

See you guys this weekend.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bruce Arians: Public Enemy No. 1

Okey doke, people, have at it.

Game Thread, Week 11: New York Jets

Okay, it's Week 11 (already?) and this is one of those games. I don't want to call it a trap game because that's, so, cliche, but like the wise man once said: it is what it is. I'm babbling now, so I'll leave you with this: if Leon Washington scores a special teams touchdown, Chidi Iwuoma MUST BE SIGNED.

Also, I talked to Brian Bassett of the Jets Blog earlier this week about the game, and you can listen to my incoherent ramblings here (pay special attention to all the background noise -- that's my mother-in-law taking care of my eight-month-old while I try to act all professional).

Bassett and I go way back in internet years. In 2004, we had a little Q & A during the playoffs. So if you're into the whole nostalgia thing, knock yourself out.

(Sexy Mangenius photo lifted from Can't Stop the Bleeding)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Only Lee Mays Can Save Us Now

Everybody take a deep breath. Mike Tomlin says there won't be any knee-jerk reactions to what happened with the truly special teams Sunday (here's the transcript). Which means nobody's getting cut, although there could be some starters showing up on the coverage teams. As far as I'm concerned, that's good enough.

Of course, if the Steelers had ONE guy who could tackle this wouldn't even be an issue. I'm exaggerating, but not by much. I know some of you have had your fill of Allan Rossum, but put me in the camp that thinks he's doing a fine job. He can catch, and he knows the rules. That makes him twice as dangerous as anybody the Steelers put back there last season. And I'm a big Willie Reid fan.

By the way, Reid could get the call-up against the Jets -- Andre Frazier and LaMarr Woodley are listed as questionable this week. I know Reid doesn't play linebacker or on the coverage teams, but who is Pittsburgh going to activate, Trai Essex? One more thing: you know how bad the coverage teams are? According to Football Outsiders, Skippy Reed is the best field-goal kicker in the league ... and the unit still ranks 25th. Thank God for the Colts, I guess.

Then there's this, which I mentioned in the comments yesterday: ESPN News reported on Tuesday night that Ryan Clark is out for the year. First I'm hearing of it, but if it's true, that's a big loss. I love Anthony Smith, but the guy makes enough dumb decisions to make me think he shouldn't be starting. You just can't trust him. Yeah, he's crazy and he'll hit anything, but so does Troy Polamalu. It's worth pointing out that Tomlin didn't mention this at the press conference, but if Clark lands on the IR, I wonder who the team will sign. My vote: Lee Mays.

Finally, there was some discussion in the comments about Bill Cowher being overrated. I agree with most of you: no way. I was actually sad to see Cowher resign, and thought he was able to get more out of his players than most other coaches could. I was wrong, of course, because Tomlin also seems to be able to inspire the troops, although in a completely different way.

If you want to see what an overrated coach looks like, here ya go.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Romeo Crennel Is Faster Than He Looks

Here's a new thread to talk about:

a) who will be the Steelers special teams coach next week,
b) how long until the team re-signs Chidi,
c) Pittsburgh's chances of getting a first-round bye now that the Colts have two losses, and
d) how glad you are the Steelers didn't get a chance to draft Philip Rivers.

(Be honest, who wanted him coming out of college? I've been monumentally wrong about plenty of stuff, but I can happily say that I always thought Rivers was a stiff. And yes, most of that is based on the fact that he went to N.C. State. And that he throws like my sister.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Game Thread, Week 10: Cleveland Browns

Thanks to Jason for the pic, and Henigin provides this video to get you, uh, pumped for the game. Okey doke, this is for first place in the division. (It's just like 2002, but without Tommy Maddox and Hank Poteat!)

Oh, and if you want to re-live the Week 1 magic, here ha go.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Big Ben Is the World's Best Game Manager

I didn't realize this until the networks beat me about the head with it all day Tuesday, but Big Ben has 20 touchdowns through eight games. That's more than Tony Romo (19), Carson Palmer (16), Peyton Manning (14), and Brett Favre (13). Roethlisberger is second in the NFL in touchdown passes. Think about that for a sec. I also didn't realize that his previous season high was 18, which he put up last year ... right along with 23 picks.

That's mind-blowing. I mean really, in your wildest dreams, did you ever expect a game manager to put up these kinds of numbers. This must give Trent Dilfer all kinds of hope. Also, Big Ben's been sacked 19 times, with is fifth-highest in the league, but I've just come to accept that's part of the deal. Sure, some of that is on the offensive line, but Ben's going to hold onto the ball.

I wonder if he would even be comfortable in the pocket with gobs of time. Honestly, do you think he'd take a five-step drop and just scan the field all Brady/Manning-like looking for targets? Maybe, but I don't see it happening. Of course, I think Bill Belichick, just like Karl Rove, used Ben's strength against him in previous Pats-Steelers matchups. I remember reading that New England wanted to keep Roethlisberger in the pocket, and save that 2004 regular-season ass-beating, it's worked.

Whatever, Ben's having his best season. No shit, right? But here's the thing: I wonder if he would've been all born-again QB if not for the motorcycle accident. Sure, he could've put up these numbers last season if he wasn't out head-butting concrete in the summer of '06, but he could also look like a 6'5" Jerome Bettis right now too.

Word on the street is that Ben recommitted himself, blah blah blah, after last season, and who knows if that would've happened if he never was injured.

Post Game Heroes has gone through a lot of trouble to bring you the stills from Monday night's beatdown.

Ripping off Randy "Muscles" Steele's idea (love that nickname, by the way), my QOTD: after living in DC for four years, you kinda get the feel for what's a scandal and what isn't. The NFL ain't Washington politics, but whenever billions of dollars are involved, you can bet your ass there's always something fishy going on somewhere. In the scheme of things, PatriotGate wasn't a big deal, but Goodell destroying the evidence and declaring the case closed qualifies as fishy, I think.

But unlike, say, politics, sports is completely different. Goodell is protecting his interest at no real risk to the fans. No one's dying, or won't be able to feed their kids because the NFL threw a box of videos in the incinerator. As a general matter, though, does this bother people?

Wilbon and Kornheiser were debating whether this season will be asterisked, as Don Shula (who obviously doesn't have a horse in this race) suggested, if the Pats go 19-0. Frankly, other than making New England fans mad, I haven't given much thought to the whole 'scandal.' It was curious at the time, and even curiouser that the media just let it go -- particularly PFT (too busy lambasting Tiki for his vocabulary and Emmitt for his lack of one, I suspect).

But hey, Woodward and Bernstein ain't walkin' through that door, and there's a reason: I don't think anybody really cares. Or at least cares enough to do anything about it. Sadly, I'm kinda fine with that.

Okay, enough with the introspection/finding myself; how do the Steelers beat the bottom-of-the-barrel-beaters Cleveland Browns? I watched the first half of the SEA-CLE game yesterday and noticed the Seahawks basically rushed four guys all day. Derek Anderson wasn't sacked, and he ended up 29 of 48 for 364 yards. I think Richard LeBeau could employ a similar game plan to the one we saw against Seattle, but he could also go bonkers. Anderson was inaccurate when pressured -- even just a little -- so that's a case for the latter, particularly if the Browns are suddenly the world's best pass-blocking team. Basically, I have no idea. That's what I'm saying.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When letting the inmates run the asylum was a good idea.

Little late to the game today -- "working" on some stuff -- but anyway, before Cols714 starts crackin' some skulls: a new thread. And I'll leave you with Joe Starkey's account of the Ravens descent into League Joke status.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Game Thread, Week 9: Baltimore Ravens

It's time, people. WHO DOES NO. 2 WORK FOR? Let's win this one for Billy.

Apparently, the Steelers Have a Game Tonight

Man, Boba Fett has really let himself go.

Wow, 320 comments in a non-Steelers game thread. That's called ... something. I only caught between-commercials looks at the Browns, but, man, Derek Anderson ain't half bad. If they weren't in the AFC North, I'd be happy for them (and, frankly, I'm kinda sorta happy for Romeo Crennel. Partly because he's a chubby guy named Romeo, but also because he seems like a decent fellow, and a little better coach than his record might indicate*).

Before posting the MNF game thread, just a little something to chew on. Here's the first 2008 mock draft I've seen, and it's sure to be 100 percent wrong. Unsurprisingly, though, the Steelers are projected to take an offensive lineman. Shocking. Incidentally, I asked J.J. Cooper about Kendall Simmons -- specifically if J.J. charted games before Simmons turned into Todd Fordham (he didn't) -- and he basically said that the preseason before Kendall blew out his knee he was mauling people, then the knee happened, and kept him out all year (Keydrick Vincent should be sending Simmons royalty checks for that). The following training camp, Simmons was diagnosed with onset diabetes, and you know how the story ends. JJ finished with something I haven't given much thought too, but makes sense when you think about it:
"I really think he'll be better (not great, but better) if he plays Faneca's left guard spot next year--almost all of his problems come in the phone booth, he's much better in space, which he doesn't get to do as long as Faneca is around."
Without much thought, I kinda like that idea. I don't know if that would exacerbate Marvel Smith's occasional issues at left tackle, but it's probably worth a try. Kemoeatu has no problem with blowing up defenders at the line of scrimmage, so maybe he'll finally win the right guard spot.

Or maybe Mahan will move to the guard spot next season, assuming the team thinks Darnell Stapleton can transition from undrafted free agent to starter. I mean, they thought enough of him to keep him on the final 53. Of course, at this point, I'm just pulling stuff out of my ass, so take that for what it's worth.

...Alright, just over 12 hours until go time.

* Reserve the right to change my opinion pending the outcome of next week's BATTLE FOR FIRST PLACE.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Colts/Seahawks/Bills Game Thread

Just a little something to hold you over until Monday Night. If there is a God in heaven, please let him be a Colts fan from roughly 4 p.m. EST to, oh, say, 8:00 p.m. EST (just to be safe).

Also, two Steelers-related tidbits:

* Joey Porter's Pit Bulls has the goods on who the Steelers almost drafted in'06 (my hair-brained thoughts here).

* The Ravens' starting cornerbacks on Monday night could be Corey Ivy and David Martin. Unless they make a trade for Ricardo Colclough in the next 24 hours or so.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bring on McBoller!

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I think I prefer Steve McNair over Kyle Boller Monday night. I'd get punched in the face for such silliness just a year ago, but Boller has been just spaz-tastic enough this season to luck into one of those one-kneed touchdowns as time expired. McNair, on the other hand, has gone from Steelers killer, to some old dude who looks like he needs somebody to feed him his applesauce before the 3 p.m. Bingo game gets going.

Obviously, the Ravens could've traded for Trent Dilfer and Elvis Grbac for last year's games and it wouldn't have made a difference, but I'd like to think that things will be a little different this year. For starters, I expect the Steelers to score. Second, let's hope Bruce Arians learned a very valuable lesson from almost watching Big Ben die after taking a nine sacks during the Beatdown in Baltimore (Happy Thanksgiving!).

That was the game that gave me pause when talking about Ken Whisenhunt or Russ Grimm as potential head-coaching candidates. That game film must've been Grimm's downfall during his interviews. Kinda like drunk, college nudie pics, but much more indicting. Anyway, Randy Steele offers Five Wishes for the Steelers, and I think they cover pretty much everything:
1) Aaron Smith starts and is at least 80 percent healthy.
2) No pump fakes. No fake hand-offs. No nutty throws into the middle of the field.
Plus, Ben plays out of the shotgun—a lot.
3) Three words: Anthony Smith unleashed!
4) LeBeau holds back on the blitz, has his guys playing tough, tight zones.
5) Sepulveda keeps putting the Ravens deep inside their 20.
First, I don't think it's an understatement to say the Steelers defense missed Aaron Smith against the Bengals. Yes, Kenny Watson had a nice little day -- mostly running right at Nick Eason -- but as somebody mentioned in the game thread, the Steeers often only had two down linemen, preferring instead to focus on Houshmazilly and Mr. Cinco. I'm pretty sure they were doubling both players -- that's a lot easier when Chris Henry ain't around -- and taking their chances with Glen Holt and Watson. I'm down with that game plan.

Anyway, Smith would be a welcome addition Monday. I read somwhere before the Bengals game but after Smith was ruled out that Richard LeBeau might go with more nickel and dime looks, basically replacing Eason with a linebacker/safety/anybody. Aaron Smith or not, I don't think the Ravens can run on the Steelers. For starters, their o-line is in worse shape than Pittsburgh's. Not only that, but McNair can't get the ball more than 15 yards down the field without a javelin thrower's head start. I imagine the Steelers will have a lot of guys standing near the line of scrimmage. Which leads to Mr. Steele's third point: More Anthony Smith.

Scott Brown had a nifty article in Thursday's Tribune-Review about Smith, how he likes to knock the crap out of people first, ask questions later. This pretty much says it all:
"Once I get on the field you can't tell me anything," said Smith, a third-round draft pick by the Steelers in 2006. "I'm trying to hit everything."

The intensity that makes him a devastating hitter has also gotten the better of him at times, and Horton ticked off some of the transgressions that set Smith back as he battled Clark for the starting job at free safety during training camp.

"Kicking balls, throwing balls, yelling at guys," Horton said. "In this game, you have to have focused aggression."

Horton said he flatly told Smith during training camp that he wouldn't play if he didn't learn to control his temper.

Clark won the starting job in large part because he was more disciplined than Smith on the field but Horton said the latter has made considerable strides in channeling his considerable aggression.

Smith, however, said he hasn't really changed.

"They just got used to it, really," he said of the coaches.
That last sentence sends me back to the '06 Panthers game. When LeBeau is in your grill ripping you a new one, you've probably done something wrong. That said, I love the attitude. It's exactly the mindset Pittsburgh needs against the Ravens ... assuming, it doesn't lead to some dumb penalty. Then I reserve the right to curse Smith for not being in control of his emotions.

Last week, the Steelers didn't sack Carson Palmer, and that got some people a little concerned. You know, because if Pittsburgh doesn't lead the league in every stat every week, something must be wrong. My point: I'm with Randy, less blitz, more tight zone coverages. We all know that McNair's fragile and noodle-armed.

He hasn't taken a five-step drop in two years, and now that he's in that finely-tuned Brian Billick offense, one that relies on getting the ball out of the quarterbacks hands in a hurry (that was more out of necessity than design, I'd like to think), there's no need to send five or six guys after him. Instead, force him to throw his 25 mph fastball through some really small windows 10-15 yards down the field.

I think that was kinda the plan in Denver, but Jay Cutler's arm is just *this* much better than McNair's. I guess the Steelers somehow overlooked that in film study. Whatever, for the Ravens, I think it's a swell idea. And no need in taking guys out of coverage to send them after McNair after he's already gotten rid of the ball.

Jumping around Randy's list, No. 2 is something that drives me batshit crazy. First of all, Ben's chicken-wing pump fake is about as convincing as Roger Goodell claiming that destroying the PatriotGate evidence has put an end Belichick's shenanigans. Second, the extra half-second it takes to execute the pump fake probably leads to 20 more sacks over the course of the season (that might be a slight exaggeration, but you take the point).

I'm a little more open to play-action, but please, Lord, not on 3rd and 27. Or 2nd and 27. Basically, anything with a 27 in it ... no play-action passes.

I'd like to say I feel a lot better about Pittsburgh's chances this year, but last year, I sure as hell didn't expect them to get rocked twice. Man, that was humiliating. And I know it's cliche, but usually, these two teams beat each others brains out, no matter how well they may be playing before getting together. And that's what I'm expecting this week.

Finally, let's go Colts.


Following up on Glenn following up on my bellyaching about Mike Vrabel, I have a general question about the second-dirtiest player in the league: He played in Pittsburgh from '97 to '00, but does anybody think he would've fit into what the Steelers do defensively on any of the subsequent teams? He's an ass-kicker on the Pats, but I just don't see Pittsburgh having a place for him. I'm not knocking the guy -- if anything, it may say more about the Steelers' scheme ... or I could be completely wrong, Vrabel would be a wonderful fit, in which case, it says more about me being an idiot. Just something to think about.


Eric mentioned this a few days ago, but SCI's Ian Whetstone has an awesome article about what the Steelers can expect to pay for Ben Roethlisberger. I say you pay him whatever he wants, but it sounds like Pittsburgh will do better than that. But with that deal looming this off-season, in all likelihood, and Troy and Kendall signing new deals in the past few months, I'm guessing that seals Alan Faneca's fate. (Or did we already decide that?) I suppose the Steelers could franchise him, but that's not their M.O., and given how ornery Faneca was this summer, I don't think anybody wants to see him when he really gets pissed.

Worst case with Ben: he leaves and Brian St. Pierre finally gets his shot.

Life After Coke

So I'm sitting here watching NFL Replay of the Pats-Colts AFCC from last year. A couple of things: I forgot the Colts were down by three with just over three minutes to go and the Pats had the ball. Also, comparing New England's '06 offense to their '07 offense is, well, a waste of time. They're not comparable. Jabar Gaffney, Reche Caldwell and Troy Brown, or the Three Amigos currently hauling in touchdown passes. Like I said.

Whatever, I'm still taking the Colts, and for one reason: spite. I know, it's not original, but how's that surprising? Currently, Indy's defense is ranked 6th (3rd against the pass; 15th against the run), and I'm guessing one of two things happens Sunday: either the Pats will pound the ball early, kinda like they did against the Redskins, or they'll wing it all over the yard, and we'll see how good the Colts' pass-D really is.

By the way, one of the great things about the whole organization being a bunch of a-holes is that the story line this week hasn't been about THE GAME OF THE CENTURY, Week 9 Version, but instead, about how the Pats are a bunch of classless cheaters. In the long run, I don't think the cheater label sticks -- no matter how true it is -- and if New England runs the table, they'll be remembered for ... running the table. Right now, though, it's freaking hilarious.

[Random note: Okay, the AFCC just ended -- Brady throws the pick to Marlin Jackson (he still catches it!) -- and as the RCA Dome is going buck wild, Belichick makes it a point to wade through a field full of flashing cameras, security types, and ancillary team personnel, to make sure he talks to Dungy. And it's more than the limp-wristed handshakes he's often accused. They shared words for about 10 seconds, man-hugged, and the Belichick made his way off the field ... but not before Manning tracked him down. And then Wilbert Belichick busted out the limp-wrister. Solid.]

Here's a question: why do teams hate the Pats so much more than they hate the Colts? I think the answer is obvious -- Dungy is seen as a family guy, unassuming, honest; Belichick is perceived as having none of these qualities. Manning, despite showing up everywhere, is a likable sort; Brady dumps smokin' hot actresses to date super models. He's very easy to hate. Additionally, New England has a roster full of players who, seemingly, either skirt the rules, or are poor sports. Rodney Harrison and Mike Vrabel immediately come to mind. Indy has no such player. Bob Sanders will knock the crap out of you, but unlike Harrison, he's not throwing forearm shivers, or (allegedly) punching guys in the hammy at the bottom of a pile of humanity. Did I miss anything?

Yeah, it's easy to hate the Pats, and cliched at this point, frankly, but I'll say this: once you get over their evil Hobbit of a head coach, and PatriotGate/running up the score/off-field issues, it's hard to fathom how good these guys really are. And not just the weekly beatdowns they administer like Michael Westbrook on an unassuming Stephen Davis, but building the entire roster.

After the Chargers inexplicably (well, inexplicable to everybody but John Harris) gave up a second-round pick for Chris Chambers, explain to me again how the Pats got Randy Moss for a fourth-rounder? Alright, I understand that NOBODY thought Moss would return to his Minny form, but a fourth-round pick? I suppose you could argue that the Chargers panicked, got swindled, and the Dolphins finally caught a break this year. And the Pats, realizing the Raiders needed warm bodies, made the Moss deal between Day 1 and Day 2 of the draft. I can buy all that ... but it's still pretty far-fetched.

More impressive than landing Moss has been the Pats offensive line play. Part of that has to do with Brady getting the ball out of his hands in 0.6 seconds, but there have been plenty of plays where he's been in the pocket for three and four seconds (or at least it seems that way). Compare their line with the Steelers and you'll notice that save Logan Mankins, they don't have any first-round picks. Off the top of my head, I think Matt Light was a second-rounder, Koppen was a sixth- or seventh-rounder, Neal was an undrafted wrassler, and Kaczur was a third-rounder. Contrast that with the Steelers, from left to right: 2nd, 1st, 6th, 1st, 4th. Which means -- to me, anyway -- that it comes down to coaching. Same for the Colts, by the way. They don't have a lot of high-round guys protecting the franchise, but they play well together (save '05 AFCC, of course).

Whatever. This is a long-winded way of saying: Go Colts.

Okay, who's shocked by Colclough-to-the-Browns? Me neither. I mentioned that maybe Romeo wanted a behind-the-curtains look at why the Steelers are so dominating, but I'm pretty sure Colclough can't tell the Cleveland coaches anything they don't already know. Plus, have you seen the Browns defense lately? Gary Baxter has resumed his place on IR, and their pass defense is ranked 31st according to the fine folks at FO. Leigh Bodden ain't walkin' to the other side of that field, people.

ps. I meant to point this out a few weeks ago, but, well, I forgot. Anyway, a new Steelers blog for your perusal: One for the Other Thumb. You know, when I started this here site back in February '04 there weren't any Steelers blogs. Message boards, for sure, but that was it. Internets time is like dog years. Thanks Al Gore!

pps. That guy in the photo, that's Ryan Wilson. Your bad. And by your bad, I mean my bad.