Monday, November 05, 2007

Apparently, the Steelers Have a Game Tonight

Man, Boba Fett has really let himself go.

Wow, 320 comments in a non-Steelers game thread. That's called ... something. I only caught between-commercials looks at the Browns, but, man, Derek Anderson ain't half bad. If they weren't in the AFC North, I'd be happy for them (and, frankly, I'm kinda sorta happy for Romeo Crennel. Partly because he's a chubby guy named Romeo, but also because he seems like a decent fellow, and a little better coach than his record might indicate*).

Before posting the MNF game thread, just a little something to chew on. Here's the first 2008 mock draft I've seen, and it's sure to be 100 percent wrong. Unsurprisingly, though, the Steelers are projected to take an offensive lineman. Shocking. Incidentally, I asked J.J. Cooper about Kendall Simmons -- specifically if J.J. charted games before Simmons turned into Todd Fordham (he didn't) -- and he basically said that the preseason before Kendall blew out his knee he was mauling people, then the knee happened, and kept him out all year (Keydrick Vincent should be sending Simmons royalty checks for that). The following training camp, Simmons was diagnosed with onset diabetes, and you know how the story ends. JJ finished with something I haven't given much thought too, but makes sense when you think about it:
"I really think he'll be better (not great, but better) if he plays Faneca's left guard spot next year--almost all of his problems come in the phone booth, he's much better in space, which he doesn't get to do as long as Faneca is around."
Without much thought, I kinda like that idea. I don't know if that would exacerbate Marvel Smith's occasional issues at left tackle, but it's probably worth a try. Kemoeatu has no problem with blowing up defenders at the line of scrimmage, so maybe he'll finally win the right guard spot.

Or maybe Mahan will move to the guard spot next season, assuming the team thinks Darnell Stapleton can transition from undrafted free agent to starter. I mean, they thought enough of him to keep him on the final 53. Of course, at this point, I'm just pulling stuff out of my ass, so take that for what it's worth.

...Alright, just over 12 hours until go time.

* Reserve the right to change my opinion pending the outcome of next week's BATTLE FOR FIRST PLACE.