Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now It All Makes Sense

This still doesn't explain Ben Roethlisberger's three picks in the 2004-05 AFCC (or his effort in the Jets game the week before, for that matter), but it's still funny as hell. Well, it's funny three years later when juxtaposed against Pittsburgh winning it all in 2005 and the Giants doing the same a few weeks ago.

Part of me thinks it would be hilarious to see Bill Belichick hauled before a Congressional committee, but I hate Roger Clemens as much as the next person and today's dog and pony show was embarrassing on so many levels. That's not to say I'm completely against seeing Belichick paraded around D.C. like a circus clown, but part of me might feel a little uneasy about it. Or not, we'll see.

Maybe somebody should start a petition.