Monday, February 11, 2008

Four More Years!

In case you were wondering, I'm not dead; just sick. Well, I was sick; now I feel better. A few things:

* Last Wednesday, this blog turned four years old. Very, very weird. Usually it's the case that the writing gets better as a blog grows. Definitely not true here. In fact, the less I write, the better things seem. So thanks to all you folks (even Tim) for doing what I couldn't: make this a good place to have not-completely-retarded conversations about the Steelers.

* Eric mentioned this previously, but PEOPLE HATE BIG BEN. Who knows if this is representative of anything other than than the group of fans who are also on the Under-80-IQ Listserv, but it is kinda bizarre given what Roethlisberger's accomplished in his four-year career.

That said, I'm not losing any sleep over it; you never heard anybody say a bad word about Tommy Maddox (well, until the Jax game, anyway), and that was indicative of ... nothing.

* Finally, no Steelers were hurt in the Pro Bowl. Good. Also, anybody else have this thought: "Man, Houshmazilly and Ben sure did work well together"? No, just me? Fine.