Monday, February 18, 2008

Listen Up!

Okay, I just got off the phone with one of my sources. And when I say "got off the phone," I mean "Google Talk", and when I say "sources," I mean "Chris from Arrowhead Pride." Anyway, I asked Chris about soon-to-be released center Casey Wiegmann, all 31-years-old of him. Chris says he's still a good player and if he doesn't retire has a couple of years left.

I'm generally against any "hey, that team over there just released a 27-year vet who was AWESOME in 1987, do you think the Steelers should sign him!?!" type conversations, but given the sorry state of Pittsburgh's interior line play, specifically at center, I'm willing to make an exception here.

Also, no need to worry about the left guard position -- it's Chris Kemoeatu's job. At least according to Chris Kemoeatu's agent. By the way, Jim Wexell's sleeper pick at 1.23, UVa left guard Brandon Albert, is now one of Mike Mayock's sleeper picks. Which is good and bad, I guess.