Monday, April 30, 2007

Behold the Genius That Is ... Me

It's so seldom that I'm right -- about anything -- that I have to take this opportunity to point out my prognosticatory powers. First, to set things up: Adam leaves this comment detailing how the local fans and media are panning the ROBO-PUNTER pick, like it was some big surprise Chris Gardocki had a bad year.

Eddie B. went so far as to write:
A punter?

The Steelers entered the second day of the NFL draft with needs in the offensive line and at running back, yet when they made their first selection yesterday, they made history for the second time in two days.

While the New England Patriots were using a fourth-round draft choice to trade for receiver Randy Moss, the Steelers used theirs on a punter.
First, it's worth noting that the Patriots drafted kicker Stephen Gostkowski with their 2006 fourth-round pick. Second, after addressing arguably the biggest need on the team (yes, the O-line is an issue, but it's certainly not dire ... at least compared to the punter), the Steelers still got an interior lineman. So, there's that.

Now, to the part about me being really smart. Here's what I wrote on January 31 of this year:
Secretly, I'm hoping the team offers Max Starks a third-round tender, some other team signs him, Levi Brown drops to 15, and Pittsburgh uses the extra third-round pick on this year's Devin Hester or Maurice Jones-Drew (I know, I know, these two were second-rounders, but I'm wishfully thinking here). And then, in the fourth-round, take Daniel Sepulveda. And I'm not even kidding. (Don't forget, Pittsburgh's got a crapload more comp picks coming their way. Anybody who doesn't think the punter is important, just take a look at Chris Gardocki, version 2006.)
And here's what I wrote in an SCI column on February 15:
...I will make this suggestion: the Steelers should think about drafting a tight end. And I don't mean a late second-day afterthought. I mean an athletic kid with good hands and who can block a little. I know, easier said than done, but I think we can all agree that Jerame Tuman is adequate, and that's all he'll ever be. Pittsburgh should expect more out of the position. Miller's shown that tight ends can be good pass catchers and good blockers. This doesn't mean the team needs to arrange their draft board around finding the next Antonio Gates, but at some point -- and I think that point is now -- the Steelers will need to add quality depth behind Miller. Plus, it will give Arians one more option and opposing defensive coordinators one more thing to worry about...
Man, I'm on fire. Come back in 75 years for the next installment of: Waterhead Wilson gets something -- anything -- right. Until then, let's take bets on if Gary Russell makes the team.

(By the way, I'm watching NFL Network as I write this. Steve Sabol's running down the all-time undrafted free agent team and not surprisingly, Fast Willie is the starting tailback [maybe that is surprising ... just not to Steelers' fans, I guess]. Anyway, Sabol just rattled off this fun fact: "Over the last two seasons, Parker has more rushing yards than any running back from either the 2004 or 2005 draft.")