Saturday, January 06, 2007

Non-Steelers Game Thread

Here's the wild card game thread just in case, you know, you don't have a life. Also, I've been grading the rookie first-rounders over at AOL and predictably, people get really upset if "their guy" is graded low.

I never quite get why readers/commenters can't get their heads around the fact that grades -- draft grades, preseason grades, free agency grades -- are all meaningless. But hey, what can you do? Anyway, here's one of my favorite comments ... and my response.

Okay, let's go, um, Colts and ... um, Cowboys!

Also, thanks to Henigin for pointing this out, and SteelerBill for this link. All I can say is: Len Pasquarelli is a douchebag. Honestly, who writes this given the circumstances?