Friday, January 05, 2007

Something to Help Get You Through Your Friday

(First things first: Here's my latest column from Steel City Insiders free to the unwashed masses. Enjoy, you cheap bastards ... or people who have to pay rent, eat ... etc.)

Well, folks, today's the day. The Steelers called a press conference for Friday afternoon. Something about the head coach leaving or some such. I really have nothing to add at this point, other than to mention SteelerBill's comment from Thursday ... and to reiterate that I'm all for Cowher retiring to watch women's basketball/coach somewhere else for a crapload more money. Good for him. I wish him all the best, godspeed, and whatever else people say when someone embarks on a long journey ... or quits their job.

In the meantime, here are two clips from the Week 17 Bengals beatdown. When the NFL's law enforcement unit finds about about these, I'm sure they'll be removed from the internets and whoever posted them will be hanged Saddam style. While we wait for that video to surface, enjoy (Thanks to Blitz36 from the SCI message board for doing the leg work on the YouTube clips).

UPDATE: And one to grow on (thanks Steelers Nation message board):

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Oh, yeah ... let's go Huckleberry Hound!