Monday, December 18, 2006

When Meatheads Attack

While we wait for Israel's playoff update and revel in a Steelers' beat down of the Panthers, here's the latest nominee for Inane E-mail of the Year:
Hey Ryan Wilson...

I read you comments on OUR Titans... obviously you have NEVER played the game at all... guess you can only write it from looking. You put both Vince Young and Travis Henry in your "Dud" column... pretty interesting in JUST looking at the stats... but then again if your defense just runs back touchdowns you really do not need to have offense clicking. In short, the offense never had time to get moving since the defense was scoring and getting right back on the field. 4 turn overs and 3 touch down run backs means your offense never gets to really touch the ball much.

Yeah, guess if you NEVER get to write this column, you NEvER get to get read... that' right buddy. Sit back at home drafting these columns after never having had a time to play. You live and die based on how football goes if you live in places like Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvina or Texas. Not like living large in the north east just making your living on these guys.

I give teams credit and the guys that pay it real.... not guys that take a check from giving it insight from the computer from the back room of home!

Great game Titans AND Jags... that was a head kicking contest from the word go.... I hate seeing the game watered down like the NFL does with pansy calls to the QB whent they dance out of bounds or so... play football... hit, tackle, score or run the ball... pay it like like it was meant.. not a sissy game.

Football RULES!!

- Bruce
And here's my response:

Glad to hear you are part of the Titans organization. You are right, I have never played professional football, but I also didn't write the column you're so worked up about. If you can compose yourself, I suggest you take another look (I've included a handy link so you don't have to burden yourself with actually reading a bunch of words):

Let me know if you have any trouble with the link. By the way, I wrote a laudatory post about the Titans' win over the Jags today. If you can stand reading even more words, here's that link too:



Ryan Wilson
Yes, I'm a prick, but come on, Bruce is a douchebag, so it kinda evens out. Now, where's that playoff scenario update?