Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stayin' Alive Thread

Well, this is it. The Steelers need either the Bengals or Jags to lose (I think) -- or both -- and they need to win, of course. The good news is that Chris Weinke is starting for the Panthers and he's 1-16 as a starter. The bad news is that the Steelers lost to the Andrew Walter-led Raiders earlier this season, so anything's possible, I guess.

In other news...

* Ike's still in Cowher's doghouse and you know, I can't really fault him for being confused about what the hell's going on. Yeah, he's had a rough season, but it's not like Pittsburgh's 6-7 solely because of Ike.

* Eddie B thinks Cowher should hang it up, but Charley Casserly just reported on CBS that the Steelers and Cowher haven't even talked numbers. Ever. And there will be a quick resolution once the season ends. Make of that what you will.

* Anthony Smith's starting again, Hines is active and Troy is not.

Okay, commence ass-kicking.