Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Random Stuff

... Here's something I meant to post last week when we I mentioned the sheer enormity of stupidity on these here internets. Here's possibly my favorite anti-Ryan Wilson e-mail not sent by friends or family. (For a little background, it's from a Cowboys fan, in response to this AOL post I wrote a few weeks ago on Tony Romo):

Name: Joe Schmo
Subject: Ryan Smith

can you please get someone to blog for the Cowboys who doesn't hate them! All of Ryan Smith's post are negative towards Dallas. And he is wrong 90% of the time also. Please, please tell me there is another option because Smith sucks. He said Reggie Williams couldn't cover anyone. Who? I assume he meant Roy. He is an idiot.
And in case there's any confusion, I'm Ryan Smith. This guy was so enraged by that post he couldn't even see straight. My favorite part is when he says "Smith sucks" and "he is an idiot." Honestly, this is priceless.

This is currently the single-funniest hate mail I've ever received. So props to Mr. Schmo on that.

... In other, more positive news, Adam Gertz got a mention on the Post-Gazette's blog. Seriously, when did Max Starks get so bad?

... Michael David Smith eliminates the Steelers from Super Bowl contention. My only question: what took so long?

... Finally, Jim Wexell will be on FoxSports 970 tonight from 7-9PM (you can listen here) and feel free to call toll free (1-866-922-2874) and identify yourself as Ryan Smith. Or better still, leave questions in the comments, and I'll call. You know, so it looks like I'm the smart one.