Monday, November 06, 2006

Groundhog Day

Well, if we can say one thing about the 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers, it's that they're consistent. If nothing else, at least it wasn't surprising to see them turn the ball over six times. I mean, it's like the sun rising in the east at this point. If there aren't at least three or four turnovers a game, then something's wrong. Anyway, here are some comments from yesterday's game thread that I found particularly amusing, sad, or ... well, both.
"Santonio needs a bodyguard to pick up his fumbles."

may need a bodyguard to make it back to his car after the game."

"Hey, for you guys it's a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here it's half past midnight and I'm listening to this silliness.


anybody else have a headache?"

is punting well today."

need new tackles."

"You know, I'm all for moving Hines Ward to the offensive line -- maybe, say, right guard if Kendall/Kemo continue to struggle."

BEST 2-6 team of all time."

Keep ARE. Don't draft Holmes. Execute Cedrick Wilson (who is a whiny bitch by the way) Record= 5-3 at the worst."

keeps saying they are "this close"...apparently to more fumbles and personal fouls and amazing special teams play."

2006 Pittsburgh Steelers may well be the unluckiest team in the history of the universe. That Hines fumble at the end of the game is the absolute perfect demonstration of the kind of horrible misfortune we've had this whole year."

always likes to say that his teams don't know their identity until the middle of the season. I think this team has its identity down cold."

"The Hines Ward
fumble at the end of the game is a microcosm of the whole season to me."

really didn't feel that bummed about this loss, not like I did after the Bengals, Falcons and Raiders games. Anyone else feel that way? i think last week did me in."

" If
we could've averaged 3.5 or even 4 TO's a game at the turn, we might still have a shot at the division."
The last comment pretty much says it all. When a team has to strive to get down to 3-4 turnovers a game, then things are pretty bad. Lose-to-the-Raiders bad.

But hey, if this team can win out, they'll still have a chance!