Monday, October 09, 2006

Comment of the Day

Two things:

* Here's Wexell's latest.

* I was just thinking the other day that I seldom get ridiculous emails/comments from readers ...
Look Ryan Wilson, I'm a Saints fan, a New Orleans native and have been living in Los Angeles pre-Katrina. What's this crap aboput New Orleans seeing Reggie Bush as a disappointed? You media types are a bunch of hogwashed hypes of crap! You'll put anything on paper for a good story. Are you employed by the New York Times? If not, you should be! They're the worst!
This was in response to something innocuous (or so I thought) I wrote about Reggie Bush on AOL (scroll down, it's comment #5). And how embarrassed must the New York Times feel? Somebody actually thinks I write for them. Yikes. They really have let themselves go.

Either way, this should help take your mind off last night's beat down. Bring on Charlie! Just kidding. I think.