Monday, September 04, 2006

Tommy! Tommy!

I'm kidding. If the team signs Tommy Maddox their conceding at least two chances at winning. In fact, I'd rather have JON DEKKER! taking snaps. (From now on, when referring to the rookie TE from Princeton, it will only be in all caps, with exclamation point. You know, just to emphasize the fact that he's still, miraculously, on the team.)

Speaking strictly from a fan's perspective, I say call up Omar from Triple-A and see what happens. I guess I'd also be fine with St. Pierre coming in for a week or two (or at least long enough to pick up chicks with B. Jack.)

Somewhat related, I love seeing Cincy fans getting their panties in a bunch over bad news for the Steelers. It reminds me of the Yankees - Red Sox rivalry except the Bengals, well, haven't won shit. Ever. And it's probably safe to say that most Steelers fans don't spend a whole lot of time worrying about the Bengals. Still, I love the fact that some of them are actually excited by the idea of having a chance to beat Pittsburgh without Roethlisberger. Quit begging.