Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Cuts Are In

Well, the first round of the second wave of cuts are in and here's who's out:

Shane Boyd
Mike Barr
Charles Davis
Cedric Humes
Tim Brown
Scott Paxson
Lee Mays
Walter Young
Lee Vickers
Branden Joe
Ronald Stanley

And according to Bouchette, Richard Seigler has a right foot injury and could be waived/IRed and Barrett Brooks has been IRed.

For me, the story of the preseason is Jon Dekker, possibly the worst player on the team, still having a locker. Even if he gets cut this afternoon, there should be some sort of investigation.

I liked Davis, but the other cuts weren't surprising. Although, I didn't know Tim Brown was trying to make a comeback. Maybe he'll end up on Dancing With The Stars as consolation. More cuts by 6pm today.