Thursday, September 07, 2006

OK, It Really Is Go Time

Alrighty folks, it's here. The start of the regular season. Ben's out, but honestly, I really don't think it'll be an issue tonight. Charlie Batch ain't Tommy Maddox, he's had a week to prepare, and he's coming off his best Steelers training camp ever.

Like most people, I was kinda surprised they released Chidi, but like I mentioned in the comments, he does have a concussion so it's not like a team can sign him and he can contribute right away (disregarding the fact that a team would also have to pay him for the entire season if they sign him before tonight).

I also held out some hope Omar would get the call-up from Triple-A, but when you sign someone of Brian Jackson's status, you have to put him on the team. Unless he plays; then we can all start the second-guessing.

Here's to everybody staying healthy and the Steelers kicking the crap out of the Dolphins. Oh yeah, consider this the ol' game thread since there's no way in hell I'll have anything up tomorrow since the game won't end until, um, tomorrow.