Saturday, August 12, 2006

Preseason Game 1 Thread: Arizona

Remember when KC Joyner said that Drew Bledsoe is one of the best decision makers in the league? In fact, this is what he wrote in his wacky column last week:
Drew Bledsoe: The perception of Bledsoe is that he makes a lot of mistakes, but the metrics tell a different story. Bledsoe did rank next to last in the NFL for most interceptions thrown last year (17), but he had just 10 bad decisions. His 1.9 percent bad decision rate was the fourth best in the league, and he was only 0.2 percentage points behind Peyton Manning in that category. Bledsoe did have 21 bad decision points (tied for 28th worst in that category), but his high number of pass attempts meant his weighted bad decision percentage barely missed making the top 10.
Um, whatever. Back on earth, here's what's floating around the Cowboys' camp:
Whispers around Oxnard are that Cowboys coaches think [Drew] Bledsoe still does too many stupid things that cost his team. He holds the ball too long. He is sack-prone. He is good for a throw a game that coaches, fans and everybody else instantly want back.
Who to believe, who to believe. On the one hand we have a guy who wears a lab coat out in public without the benefit of being a real doctor; on the other hand there's everybody else who pretty much agree that the paragraph above describes Bledsoe perfectly.

Oh yeah, feel free to leave any PIT-ARI game comments here too.