Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Junk

Here goes:

... Hey, look at that, another article pimping the Baltimore Ravens! Maybe if I type in all caps it'll sink in. Let's give it a try: THE RAVENS WILL STRUGGLE AS LONG AS THEIR O-LINE SUCKS. No amount Steve McNair, Ray Lewis (2000-2003 versions), Ed Reed, Todd Heap, Jamal Lewis (2003 version), Brian Billick (2000 version, when his ears were actually hidden by that crazy hairdo) or anybody else will make much difference until the offensive line starts blocking people. I'm sure I'll be repeating this lunacy several more times during the first few weeks of the season. You know, until everybody in the mainstream media starts to figure it out (or until Week 12 if you're Sean Salisbury).

... More fallout from that really crappy KC Porn Guy Joyner piece on Big Ben being the world's worst decision maker (Hello? Ever heard of Al Reynolds? That guy leads the planet in bad decisions.) And this time it's from the least likely of places: The Ravens message board. KC Joyner: Uniting division rivals one craptastic column at a time. Solid work Porn Guy.

... Here's Football Outsiders latest piece for the football masses. Good stuff, but I thought I should comment on the Big Ben stuff:
Is Ben Roethlisberger fully recovered from his motorcycle accident?


While speculating about the psychological effects of the crash would be just that (speculation), something to watch for in the preseason would be fears that Roethlisberger's vision may have been compromised in the crash. If Roethlisberger comes out of the preseason gate throwing interceptions left and right, it may end up being a long season for Steelers fans.
A couple of thoughts: First, Ben's vision is fine. He looked great when I saw him in camp last week, and reports this week had him looking just as proficient. Second, if Ben throws a bunch of interceptions this preseason ... I won't give a rat's ass. That's exactly what he did last preseason, and he assured anybody who'd listen that everything was fine. Of course, we didn't believe him, but this is the same guy who's 25-4 in his career, won a Super Bowl in Year 2, head-butted a car sans helmet and lived, and looks better now than he did before the accident.

... From the comments, Karl leaves a link to this Bob Smizik column on Ike Taylor.

You know, I have to agree with Smizik on this one. The Steelers have a lot more depth at CB than they do at, say, strong safety or QB. In terms of big paydays, the list, at least in my mind, looks like this:


And since the Chargers just gave Quentin Jammer an extension that includes $13.5 million in guarantees, the price of poker just went up. I love Ike, and I hope things work out, but it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up in Washington after Dan Snyder gives him the first billion dollar contract.

... Okay, I get it. Kellen Winslow is a soldier. I should start keeping a list of goofy things this guy does because they keep getting better. Here's the latest:
Eager to get the season started, Winslow walked out to midfield in full uniform about two hours before kickoff while everyone else was still in warmups.
It wouldn't surprise me if K2 dressed at home in Cleveland, wore his uni on the bus to the airport; from the airport to the hotel; slept in the full get-up -- including helmet -- and then took the team bus to the stadium for last night's preseason game. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. What a tool.