Monday, August 14, 2006

More Random Junk

Okay, after watching a couple Game 1 replays, here are some random thoughts:

... Some fans are down on Duce based on his handful of carries in a meaningless preseason game and I don't get it. Yeah, Duce looks heavier, but he's replacing the Bus, not Fast Willie. His job is short yardage back. And just because he didn't look in mid-season form isn't reason enough to send him to the scrap heap, well, because it's the first friggin' preseason game. Can we all please relax on this?

... There has also been some grumblings that Ike Taylor's contract demands should be more reasonable because he struggled against Larry Fitzgerald. And oh yeah, Ryan Clark apparently should've been cut before he got on the plane for the ride back to Pittsburgh. Sigh. And in case you didn't hear me: SIGH!!!

Maybe I'm creating my own little straw man arguments by cherry-picking fan reactions, but honestly, nobody should be uttering such ridiculous stuff after one preseason contest. Nobody.

The Steelers weren't even blitzing during the game and there's probably a reason Ike and Deshea were giving Cards receivers 10-yard cushions: that's what Dick LeBeau told them to do. And Ryan Clark? Uh, free safety is also known as "centerfielder." That means he's not supposed to be covering people man-to-man -- that's what CBs are for. Honestly, it's hard to tell whether he played well or not, but to say he should be cut might be the dumbest thing I've ever read. And I read a bunch of dumb stuff.

... Finally, Finnegan's Wake has convinced me that Omar Jacobs ain't going anywhere. Shane Boyd was dreadful as the No. 3 QB and to say otherwise is just silly. Jacobs had a rough first series, but did better during his next (and final) one.

Jacobs might still get cut, but I won't blame him ... I'll blame the Steelers' front office for drafting him. Nobody should be surprised that Jacobs' is raw, but with all the perceived incredulity going around training camp, you'd think he was a four-year starter from a big-time college program. Unless I missed something, he left school early and played at Bowling Green. Hopefully, he'll get a few more reps next week and show some improvement.

... OK, I lied -- just one more thing from the game: Nate Washington looked a little nervous. That's to be expected and I think he'll be fine. He just needs more game action. And while he works out the kinks, it's good to see the rookies faring so well. And I know the coaches/GM have been high on Quincy, but he had a drop in the first quarter. I still think Morgan makes it, but it'll be close.


And here are two articles from Mr. Wexell:
1) Cowher answers Jerome
2) Ike wants to stay ... no matter what?


And I found this peculiar bit from Mike Wilbon's chat interesting:
Seattle, Wash.: Mr. Wilbon,

Much was made last year of Holmgrem, Alexander, and Hasselback putting aside their differences and succeeding together. It's a nice story, but also sounds a bit like a meltdown waiting to happen. Do you think Seattle can keep it together enough to keep egos in check and continue to win? Is there schedule as easy this year?

Also, do you think any NFC East team can win it all, or will they suffer from beating each other up all season?

Michael Wilbon: Hey, are you an NFL scout? I talked to two veteran scouts recently who said EXACTLY that about the Seahawks, and thinks Seattle is going back to 9-7 or 8-8 this season...Schedules are tricky stuff because you assess it by looking at last year's records when you don't yet know the new hot teams.