Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 1

Well, nobody died, and here I'm strictly referring to me, so that's a good thing. And props to Countertorque for the best question to ask a player that's guaranteed to get you decked. Anyway, here goes:

* Duce Staley looked bigger than I remember him but somebody commented that he has actually dropped a few lbs. since this spring. He ran hard, especially during the goal line drills, and most importantly, didn't get hurt.

* Ben looked great. Both in his appearance and in his play. He has an amazing knack for feeling pressure, avoiding it, and then somehow finding open receivers.

* Nate Washington was all anybody was talking about. He's rail thin, but he's the same height as Ike, which puts him at about 6'1".

* I didn't see the morning practice, but I heard Holmes didn't do so well. He was pretty solid during the evening practice. He, along with Ced Wilson and Willie Reid fielded punts, and all three looked competent (Notice no mention of Ricardo here).

* Heath Miller took a lot of snaps split out wide, which could be just another wrinkle to look for this season.

* Cedric Humes is a beast physically, but he's definitely the fourth RB on the team so far.

* Met Jim Wexell for the first time and told him how just about everybody that reads this here site thinks he's the best PIT beat reporter anywhere. Really nice guy. Also met Dale Lolley, another local beat guy who also writes for SCI and who knows a ton about the Pittsburgh sports scene. I saw Starkey and Prisuta roaming around and Wex also introduced me to Craig Wolfley, maybe the nicest guy of the bunch.

What else, what else ...

* Omar Jacobs looked good, and he's every bit as big as Ben, and maybe bigger.

* I was standing right next to Dick LeBeau after practice but of course I didn't have anything intelligent to say to him so I just gawked. RB coach Dick Hoak looked to be in great shape and oh yeah, Jeff Reed still looks goofy. There's another practice at 3pm today and two tomorrow, so I'll have more stuff later. Let me know if you guys have anything in particular you want me to look out for.

Okey doke, that's it for now.