Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fits and Starts

Yep, just like that meeting with my probation officer, I'm dropping in for my weekly visit. I promise things will pick up once training camp starts. In fact -- just in case you haven't noticed things being extremely slow around here this summer -- I really will be on vacation for parts of the next few weeks so not much will change. But after that, watch out! Anyway ...

... Alex links to this really funny-in-a-sad-way post on the Steeler Nation message board. I saw it earlier and just shook my head. And then I saw this, which means that Jackea Chan, who holds the title of Assistant Associate Audience Producer, has possibly the worst job in the world. Stay hot. That said, I'd definitely go see Ike Taylor. Although, now that I think about it, I have no idea how Screamin' A. will stretch this into a half-hour show. I interviewed Ike on the phone two years ago, and let's just say he's a man of very few words.

... DJ raises a very good point here, and let me assure you that Tyrone Carter wasn't at all happy about me giving the inaugural Wilson Award to Matt Leinart. He was more upset that I tried to push the award off on him a year later, though. Carter said he "kicked my ass" for even thinking he would want to be a part of something that at one time recognized Leinart. And you know what? That ass-kicking was well deserved if you ask me.

... Anytime my crappy writing can encourage someone to do the same, I say it merits a mention. Apparently, Trevin Shirey considers me such an inspiration that he has decided to start his own site, The Sports Idiot. My advice to Trevin? Uh, you may want to set your sites a tad higher. Either way, best of luck.

... John sent me a very CPW-worthy link last week, and I'm just now getting to it. If you're contemplating suicide, just read this gem from Bengals Zone on why some dude named Jason Wainscott hates Big Ben. You're as good as dead. You know, I was just thinking the other day that I'd love to hear Stephen A. Smith interview Jason Wainscott on "Quite Frankly" and here what he has to say about Big Ben. What a doofus. Dude, let it go.

... Finally, just a little something to hold you over until my next unexpected drop-in: Here's a good read from Ian Whetstone.

... And oh yeah, there's some probability I'll be in Latrobe August 2-4, so who knows, maybe Tyrone will put on an encore presentation of kicking my ass. If nothing else, I'll get Skippy to sign my Jeff Reed jersey.