Monday, July 31, 2006

Call it a Comeback

I've taken my act on the road this week, but with the start of training camp, I've recommitted myself to bringing you the most unreliable Steelers coverage on the planet. Or something like that. This past weekend the wife and I were in Ann Arbor for a wedding, and I'm currently in lovely upstate NY spending some time with the in-laws. The Steelers have been in Latrobe for three days and so far Santonio Holmes has yet to get arrested and no one died during the run test. That's a start, I guess. Well, except this from Israel:
Trib writes "TRY, TRY, TRY AGAIN: Cornerback Ricardo Colclough muffed three punts during a punt-catching drill."
And then, I read this in today's Tribune-Review:
Wide receivers Santonio Holmes, Willie Reid, Eugene Baker, Nate Washington and Wilson and cornerback Ricardo Colclough were the first to take their turns settling under footballs launched high into the Westmoreland County sky by a Juggs machine.

Spencer also plans to take a look at receiver Isaac West and cornerback Anthony Madison.
I'm going to stick my neck out and predict that the opening day punt returner won't be either Eugene Baker or Isaac West (who?). Although, if one of these dudes has a preseason special teams performance anything close to what Ricardo was able to do last August, who knows? I say just put Sean Morey back there and see what happens.

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that I'll be in Latrobe this Wednesday through Friday ... as a member of the press. Yep, it's gotten that ridiculous. Thanks to Jim Wexell, I'll be there as part of, which is just plain absurd if you're read most anything I've written. Anyway, feel free to leave any questions you think I should ask players/coaches/Owner if given the chance.

(And honestly, I can't envision a situation where I might actually ask somebody a question, but who knows? I see it going something like this:

Me: Mr. Morey, can I ask you a question?

Sean Morey: Sure.

Me: Can you describe the worst ass-kicking Tyrone Carter has ever given you?

Sean Morey: (blank stare)

Me: OK, next question. What do you plan to do when you inevitably get cut in three weeks?

Sean Morey: (punches me in the face and calmly walks away.)

You know, just giving you something to look forward to.