Monday, May 01, 2006

One Shining Moment ...

First Santonio Holmes and now Doug Mirabelli. I expect to hear Michael Jordan announce any day now that he'll be in Chapel Hill for his senior season in 2006-07.

I was scrolling through the four million comments from this weekend's draft and here are some of the best ... and worst:

Day 1:
... Henigin's the early winner -- he picked Santonio Holmes in the first round (I had Mangold ... not even close).

... DJ officially starts dancing at 1:29 PM EST on Saturday.

... Jabbs was right about Irvin and close with LenDale, but like everybody else not employed by an NFL team, missed with Bing. Who's now a linebacker.

... Once again, I was wrong.

... Randy Steele makes the point, right before the Holmes pick, that neither Baltimore or Cincy got markedly better with their two picks. Ngata basically replaces the other Kemoeatu and Joseph wasn't a top-15 CB halfway through the college season.

... My thoughts on Chad Jackson, followed by DJ's insightful commentary on my commentary.

... For a glimpse at my genius, look at the next-to-last sentence ... but disregard the part about Darnell Bing.

... This might be the quote of the draft, courtesy of LenDale: "Honestly, I think I'm one of the most intelligent football players when it comes to learning Xs and Os..."

... Argument # 8 trillion for not taking Tim Couch.

... Me too. And it's not a bad thing.

... This (and this), my friends, is what it means to be hardcore draft nerds.

... The Mocktaculars -- taking over the world one person at at time. (And this isn't an indictment on SD, but it just shows how if the draftnik bobbleheads tell us something enough times we start to believe it. And don't forget, I was on the Anthony Smith bandwagon at least four hours before he was drafted. The Force is strong with, um, me.)

... And Randy Steele makes another good point.

OK, I'll get to Day 2 and the aftermath later in the week. I don't want to use up all the story ideas in one post, you know.