Saturday, April 29, 2006

Go Time

Alrighty, let's get this party started. And oh yeah, may the Hoff be with us.

Round 1: Santonio Holmes, WR, Ohio State University
Round 3a: Anthony Smith, S, Syracuse University
Round 3b: Willie Reid, WR, Florida State University

6:53 PM EST
In the "God I Hope Not" department, Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer has this little nugget in today's paper, which may explain why the Steelers won't be taking a QB (assuming of course, that they don't):
Tim Couch in a Steelers uniform? The former Browns quarterback worked out Thursday in Pittsburgh.
Raise your hand if you're pysched!

5:58 PM EST
Well, so much for Danieal Manning coming to Pittsburgh because the Bears just grabbed him with the 42nd pick. Bing and Simpson are still on the board at safety, and Youboty is still hanging around too (although I'm not crazy about him). And of course, LenDale's still loungin' at the pad.

5:18 PM EST
It's obvious to me the Jets Redskins don't know what a draft's all about. These guys are nuts. The 'Skins just traded their 53rd pick, 198th pick AND next year's 2nd round pick to move up 18 spots to the 35th pick. And this deal was with the Jets. Take that Kiper!

5:12 PM EST
Okay, let's recap Round 1:
* Santonio Holmes was the only WR to go,
* LenDale White, even though he didn't fail a drug test, is still sitting in his La-Z-Boy waiting for the phone to ring,
* Ashton Youboty and Jimmy Williams are still on the board -- two guys pimped to go top-15 in some mocks.

4:28 PM EST
Eric informs us that the Steelers gave up a third and a fourth:
"The 4th was a throw away, they have two supplemental 4ths right after that. Third hurts a bit but here's hoping holmes is worth it. (Troy certainly was)"
So now the question becomes, who does Pittsburgh target in the second round? Currently they have eight picks left and they could conceivably trade up into the middle of the second to get a safety. I know they like Bullocks and Bing and to a lesser degreee, Ko Simpson (who might be around at 2.64). If they choose to stand pat, I'm leaning towards CB/S Danieal Manning, I think. Thank god for The Hoff.

4:20 PM EST
Hello Santonio Holmes. Interstingly, Mayock mentions DeAngelo Williams, Joseph Addai and Chad Jackson ahead of Holmes when the trade was first announced (and, obviously, before Tags announced the pick). Mayock then goes on to say he likes Holmes' short-area quickness and his ability to make plays after the catch. I don't yet know what Pittsburgh gave up, but right now I like it. Holmes has three kids, comes across as very mature and seems like a really solid dude. Good for him. And Pittsburgh.

3:52 PM EST
Adam Schefter just reported that LenDale White didn't fail a drug test and the LA Daily News is full of crap. The plot thickens. Unless the Steelers get Holmes. Then it'll be interesting to see how far White falls.

2:44 PM EST
Well, the Dolphins take S Jason Allen with the 16th pick and I'm fine with that. One fewer safety on the board -- I didn't expect PIT to take one in round one -- and two WRs left on the board. And for the record, I hope Chad Jackson isn't available at #32. I just get a David Terrell feeling all over when I see that guy. His YPC sucked and honestly, I'd rather have LenDale White after kickin' it with Ricky Williams at yoga class.

2:00 PM EST
Okay, let me get this straight, the Ravens have the 13th pick, and two DTs on the board and trade up one pick (a la Butch Davis in 2003 to get TE Kellen Winslow)? Now making draft decisions for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis. Hilarious.

1:47 PM EST
Denver trades up to pick #11, drafts Jay Cutler, and DJ comes off looking like a genius. Jeebus.

1:26 PM EST
Wow. Just wow (see pick #8). When is the last time two safeties went in the top-10? Oh right, never.

12:48 PM EST
Okay, we're an hour in and there have been four picks. The last, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, is now a Jet, which means that the highlight of his NFL career will probably be shaking Tags's hand up on the stage. (I don't actually believe that, but given the Jets' first-round draft history, that's what I'm going with.)

11:45 AM EST
I'll be watching the NFL Network's draft coverage, because, well, last year's ESPN experience still gives me nightmares. That said, if anybody watches ESPN's coverage, feel free to leave updates if anything particularly amusing happens (think Kiper - Mortensen catfight)

10:11 AM EST
No better way to start your morning than to apologize to Pat Kirwin. Okay, okay, he was right, I was wrong. It's not the first time. And certainly not the last. And given the news about LenDale, anybody want to guess what I think the Steelers should do?

Well, I can't hold off any longer, I've been thinking about how things might unfold today for the Steelers and I'm going to finally put these picks down on paper. It's not a mock draft per se, but, well, it's kind of a mock draft. Yes, I think mock drafts are ridiculous, but hey, so am I, so you should be asking why it took me so long. And just for the record, I don't necessarily agree with these picks (although, in all honesty, I'm fine with them), but I think this is how things will play out.
Pick 1, 32: Nick Mangold, C
Pick 2, 64: Demetrius Williams, WR / Greg Jennings, WR
Pick 3, 96: Danieal Manning, CB/S
We'll see. And feel free to leave your first three picks, no matter how convoluted, in the comments -- preferably before the commissioner actually announces the pick.