Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Other Draft

Well, the Red Sox are one game out of first place and I've been so busy this week I haven't really had any time talk about them -- but that'll all change tomorrow. In the meantime here are some links about Marvin, Ray, Robots, and Sean as they prepare for the first day of the rest of their lives (as millionaires) next Tuesday:

* Ray Felton talks about where he thinks he might go, and how he ranks among other point guards.

* Anonymous points us to Rashad's appearance on the Damn Best Sports Show

* Speaking McCants, he cut short another workout -- this time it was because of a strained hamstring. In previous workouts he got sick because he (a) ate too much and (b) didn't eat anything. Whatever. Teams still very interested in him (at least the Bobcats) and it sounds like he's as mature as ever.

* Marvin Williams impresses the Bucks and the Hawks at his workouts. Of course, given how crappy the Hawks are, I wonder if that really means anything.

* And the other potential lottery pick, Sean May, worked out for the T-Wolves (along with McCants).

* Finally, here are two articles about the 2006 Tarheels. The first concerns the anti-Ray Felton, Quentin Thomas and what he'll need to do to be competitive next year. There has been some discussion about moving incoming freshman Bobby Frasor to the point even though he's a shooting guard, or maybe giving Wes Miller more playing time. If this crew can hold things together for a season, Tywon Lawson, one of the best high school PGs in the country will be in Chapel Hill.

The second article takes a look at Roy Williams and the Heels plan on rebuilding.

OK, tomorrow, it's back to the Sox.