Thursday, June 23, 2005

Please Ignore Me

OK. I know that Anonymous and I have gone back and forth for a while on Rashad McCants. Anonymous is a staunch supporter, and so am I -- except the difference is I like to make fun of McCants from time to time. Earlier, Anonymous took issue with my most recent comments about McCants having to end another workout early because of a tight hamstring. Here's what I wrote:
* Speaking McCants, he cut short another workout -- this time it was because of a strained hamstring. In previous workouts he got sick because he (a) ate too much and (b) didn't eat anything. Whatever. Teams still very interested in him (at least the Bobcats) and it sounds like he's as mature as ever.
A couple of thoughts. First, I should really think about using verbs. The last sentence above sounds like me in high school Spanish class translating from English to Spanish and back to English again. While you get the gist of what I'm saying, invariably I still manage to screw something up. Also, the "and it sounds like he's as mature as ever" line looks to be dripping with sarcasm. Here's the thing. I was being serious. The fact that Anonymous called me out isn't really a surprise now that I re-read what I wrote. My intention was that McCants does sound like he's matured, and I say that based on News & Observer article that quoted Bobcats general manager, Bernie Bickerstaff:
"There is no doubt this guy is one of the best offensive players and athletes in the draft," Bickerstaff said. "I think that would be a consensus with everyone. ... We know that he can play."

Bickerstaff said McCants' ease with the game can be mistaken as a lack of motivation.

"He scores, he jumps, he runs with no effort, and that's no fault of his," he said. "He's that good."
Um, that's what I was trying to get across in my earlier post, but because of my severe lack of communicatory skills, it sounded more like a diatribe against Robots. So for the record, let me state that I do think McCants has come a long way since his freshman season, and I hope he's drafted in the first round and does exceedingly well in the NBA.