Tuesday, October 05, 2004

All over the place

Here's some really random stuff:

...I agree 100% with Ed Bouchette when he says that Plaxico Burress is having a solid season -- despite only having nine receptions (subscription req'd):

Plaxico Burress is having the best season of any receiver with only nine catches after four games. Burress should have had another long touchdown catch, 60 yards, yesterday except that Ben Roethlisberger overthrew him. He would have had a long touchdown reception in Miami except that Roethlisberger under threw him. Not included in his stats yesterday was the 21-yard pass interference penalty he drew in the end zone that set up the go-ahead touchdown.
...My friend Desmond pointed out yesterday that Bob Ryan had a column where he asked the following question -- and then promptly provided the answer:

You know what would be cool? Should the Yankees show up here for the ALCS, why not give Bernie Williams a standing O the first time he comes to the plate? If you have to ask why, you wouldn't understand, anyway.
I like Ryan, but I have no idea why it would be "cool" to give Bernie a standing ovation in Fenway, and I'd be interested if anyone actually knew.

If you want to salute a player, how about Derek Lowe or Kevin Millar. They've both made strides this season, even if it didn't show by their play on the field. This is the first season in recent memory where Lowe didn't cry (here crying is defined as tears visibly running down his face) on the mound, in the dugout, on the way from the mound to the dugout, or in the tunnel leading to the locker room (apparently he's cried several times in the locker room, but hey, it's still progress). Kevin Millar should be given a standing ovation for everyday he shows up to work. This guy has defied more odds than Rudy Ruettiger, and the fact that not only is he on a major league roster, but that he starts, should automatically qualify him for a made-for-TV movie -- preferably starring Tom Sizemore as Millar.

...I do agree with Ryan's other point (and it's something I've often wondered):
Once again, earth to Francona: You lose your uniform top? What's with the long john look?
I don't get it either. Not only does it look like a maternity dress when it's untucked, when you see Francona in that get up you have the distinct impression that he probably slept in it the night before and still hasn't changed his clothes. Luckily, the Red Sox don't really rely on Francona for much, so I guess it doesn't matter what he's wearing.

...In case you were looking for Jeff Hostetler's nephew, I found him. Not really, but the Washington Post had a Q & A with him because he's the starting QB/FS at a local high school. The Redskins hope to have him ready by Thanksgiving.

...Well, Monday Night Football did nothing to change my mind that Kyle Boller is still awful. Of course it was hard to tell that the Chiefs were 0-3 going into that game based on how they played. Apparently, beating the Ravens is pretty straightforward -- get a hall of fame running back and run him 33 times behind a hall of fame line. Protect the QB and allow him to complete the intermediate and underneath routes, and control the clock. And of course, hope that Kyle Boller plays like Kyle Boller.

I thought it was telling that the only way the Ravens could score on a really bad defense was with a flea-flicker (I'm not counting Jamal Lewis' 1-yd run -- I'll get to that in a second). What does it say about your offense when you need a questionable pass interference call and an overturned Boller interception in the endzone to score from a yard out?

And one other thing, maybe Ray Lewis shouldn't agree to be miked up if he's going to whine to Mike Nolan, the defensive coordinator, that it's impossible for him to be double-teamed every play (impossible!). Um Ray, even John Madden could see that you weren't double-teamed, just outplayed (Actually, I readily admit that Lewis is the best player in football. But one way to beat the Ravens defense is to keep them on the field for 45 minutes. And more than anything, by the second half Lewis looked ineffective against the Chiefs offensive line).

Which leads me to another question I had last night: Why does Baltimore's offensive coordinator, Matt Cavanagh, still have a job? You can blame personnel on a season -- maybe two. But this guy has had an abysmal offense from day one, and not one things changed.

Not that I'm complaing of course.