Sunday, August 29, 2004

Stackhouse, UNC and Duke


Every year Jerry Stackhouse hosts a charity all-star game in Chapel Hill pitting former UNC players against former ACC players.

What's funny is that at one point there was some consideration to making it a matchup of former Tarheels versus form Duke Blue Devils.

"Initially, that was the thought," Stackhouse said Friday. "But once we started throwing the idea out there, guys like [N.C. State's] Chucky Brown wanted to be involved, and we didn't want to shut them out."
Fair enough, but the gloves come off as the story continues:

The idea of an alumni UNC-Duke matchup hasn't died, though Stackhouse said he didn't think Duke would have enough players.

"Maybe one day, if they get up to par, we'll think about doing that," Stackhouse said.
Ouch. One more reason for high school players to avoid Duke -- you won't get to participate in Stackhouse's charity event.