Wednesday, January 06, 2010

He's Like a Zombie, You Can't Kill Him

So, to update: it looks like Bruce Arians is staying (that's the word this hour, anyway) and Larry Zierlein is not. As was mentioned in the previous thread, if that move was made to placate the torch-and-pitchfork crowd calling for somebody's head, well, that's a big fat fail.

I'm sure the decision was more measured than that (or at least I hope it was), although it seems a tad odd since the offensive line had its best season under Zierlein, and as DJ pointed out, it's not like the front five is chocked full of first-round picks. Just the opposite, in fact.

As for Arians' return, eh, I still can't get too worked up over it. Yes, he's made some dipshitastic decisions, and I would love to see the Steelers put up a few more touchdowns in first-and-goal situations (among other things, all mentioned in the previous thread -- that's just my pet peeve), but on the list of stuff this team needs to fix in the offseason, I don't think BA ranks particularly high.

If nothing else, maybe it'll push Tomlin into taking a more hands-on role in game-planning. Meanwhile, I'll repeat what I said yesterday: HIRE BOBBY APRIL. NOW.

(Honestly, I have no idea what the hold up is.)