Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Fancy-Pants Digital Age

Well, depending on when you started the clock, we're either two or three days into Bruce Arians' new (old) tenure. And I'll repeat what I've said all along: he's the least of this team's worries. I know there are concerns -- and I don't dispute those -- just pointing what should be obvious.

And I think we're all in agreement on that. I mention it because, as was pointed out in the last thread, media folk around the series of tubes (made popular by Senator Stevens!) have sorta blurred the lines between professionalism and just spouting off opinions.

But as Glenn pointed out, in the particular instance of Wex, Twitter and BA, it had more to do with getting the story wrong (and perhaps the out-of-nowhere anger that followed) than it did with sharing his personal thoughts on the matter.

And like most of you, I think opinions are a good thing. If you want news, you can read the newswire. I mean, the reason HSS works so well is because we all have a common interest, IQs above 80 (give or take), and relatively thought-out opinions on the Steelers. The days of columnists sermonizing to the unwashed masses are long gone. It's an idiotic model -- I'd argue that we know as much (if not more) about the Xs, Os, draft, roster, etc… than Cook or Smizik (and certainly any national columnist). So why are they useful again? (Seriously, I'd love to hear a good answer to that question because I got nothin'.)

At this point it's cliched, but Bill Simmons had a lot to do with making the whole process more, for lack of a better word, transparent. Obviously, blogspot and Facebook and Twitter and whatnot have played a huge role, but you get the point.

Anyway, just continuing the conversation from the previous thread. And in what will become my signature until something happens: HIRE BOBBY APRIL. NOW.