Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Long Now

The Hall of Fame game is in three weeks. I know the Steelers aren't playing, but that's unreal. (It's Bills-Titans, in case you're wondering.)

In the meantime, training camps start next week and we'll get our first glimpse at the Steelers' revamped offensive line. Wait, what -- it's the same cast of characters and Kraig Urbik? Actually, I've given up hope that Pittsburgh will one day have an above average o-line, although, at the very least, I wouldn't mind Willie Colon getting a little competition. I don't think that's asking too much. But, hey, it could be worse: I could be a Browns fan.

Random dog update: Gabe is 14 weeks today, and when I took him to the vet last Tuesday, he was 23 pounds. (He was 12 pounds when we got him at 12 weeks.) He's fantastic on walks, although the first month of leash training was not a lot of fun. He'll occassionally go after the two-year-old, but only to play. Of course, my son insisting on sticking his hand in Gabe's mouth probably doesn't help. So there you go. You're welcome for the update even though I'm quite sure you could have done without it.