Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wild Card Games Thread: We Need You, J. Peezy Edition

Since the Steelers have the week off, might as well talk about the 2009 draft and the current state of the team's offensive line. Kidding. We did that yesterday. And while my vapid observations did nothing to move the discussion forward, luckily we have smart commenters to for that. Plus, people don't come here to hear me wax idiotic, anyway.

All that aside, let's get to this weekend's picks. To be consistent, I'll stick to my no-way-in-hell-those-happen selections via FanHouse, primarily because I will, under no circumstances, pull for the Ravens. Well, except that one time in 2007 when they were playing the Patriots (and look where that got me). BUT THAT'S IT.

I suppose this is where I trot out my well-worn witticism about "the person who correctly predicts the most games gets a free lifetime HSS subscription!" So there ya go. Enjoy.

Moving on to the picks (straight up, no spread ... unless you just want to show off):

Cards over Falcons
Colts over Chargers
Dolphins over Ravens
Eagles over Vikings

Oh, and consider this the game threads, too.