Friday, January 02, 2009

Don't See This Every Day

Here's something I never expected to hear from the national media: the Steelers' secondary is among the best in the league. I mean, casual observers know about Troy Polamalu, but it's nice to hear Ike, Ryan, BMac and Deshea get some dap, too. And as long as we're giving out virtual high-fives, I suppose we should point to the play of William Gay and Tyrone Carter.

The other stereotype I've grown weary of hearing even though most of us agree: THE OFFENSIVE LINE SUX!!1!

Yeah, we all believed that in August, but the o-line was, at worst, average this year. And that's a huge compliment. I actually wonder how many fewer sacks Big Ben would've had behind the league's best pass-blocking offensive line. (I honestly don't even know who that might be; yeah, the Giants and Titans have given up very few sacks, but Eli Manning and Kerry Collins don't typically hold the ball for six seconds per dropback, either.)