Monday, January 21, 2008

Elisha Manning Is the Chosen One

I'm sure you're all interested, but I've been busily working away on some end-of-year related stuff, so I was a little slow on the new thread today (and no, I don't have an excuse for the 250 other times it happened last year).

Anyway, I stumbled across this gem, and it looks like the Beaver County Times is suddenly slummin' it. That said, it's a lot less ridiculous than I anticipated when I read the byline, but maybe the decree from ESPN to clean things up spread to all parts of MM's life (although I'm guessing he still religously patronizes strip clubs).

In any event, this time of year sucks almost as bad as Tom Brady's performance yesterday. I haven't paid close attention, but word on the street says he had the flu; I'm guessing he was drunk. In two weeks I'm sure he'll be in top form which is bad news for everybody.

That said, after watching the Packers for three quarters yesterday, it dawned on me that that team had no chance to beat the Patriots. And I quietly, almost subconciously started pulling for the Giants. Felt weird. (As a side note, maybe it's not Manning versus Brady, maybe it's Mannings versus Brady. More specifically, Peyton + Eli > Tom. Hey, if it takes more than one person to slay the world's sexiest drag0n, then I'm all for it.

I think it's interesting that the Super Bowl line opened at Giants +14, the same as in Week 17 when most of us actually thought the Giants would lose by 140. Now, though, the two-touchdown difference is to get some early money on New York based on their run the last month of the season.

I'm not sure how any of this relates to the Steelers other than to point out that Randy Steele's favorite player from the 2004 squad went absolutely bonkers against the Packers. I love Plaxico Burress, and lobbied for the team to keep him in 2005, but it didn't work out ... and the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Not because of Plax, obviously, but the point is that devoting so much money to one player is kinda silly. I'm still glad the guy is doing well and finally gets to go to his own Super Bowl. I also hopes he puts a whuppin' on Asante Samuel like he did on Randall Gay back in '04.

That's all I got.