Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two Things

* More awesomefulness from J.J. Cooper. J.J. also has this -- the Steelers aren't playing any better than they did to end '06. He calls it the "cold shower post of the week," but to me, it's a good thing. First, Pittsburgh finished the second half of last season 6-2. Second -- and I wrote about this for SCI last week -- beating the crap out of the scrubs is a pretty good indicator of playoff success. I wouldn't be surprised if the 49ers won the NFC West, but the Browns and Bills are destined for a top-5 pick (which is good news for Darren McFadden and the Cowboys. Yay.)

* Mr. Wexell has twice updated the ol' Steeler Nation: On the Road blog since I last linked to it. If Big Snack's brother says Pittsburgh's going 16-0, well, then, who am I to argue. (Glad to see he reads FO.)