Friday, August 10, 2007

Odds and Ends

Okay folks, a couple announcements:

* The guys at interviewed me yesterday about the Steelers, and that should be up sometime this afternoon (I'll slap up a link once it's posted), and let me just say, I have a voice for blogging. You've been warned. Still, thanks to Brent and Dave for having me on -- it was a great time, and who knows, if I play my cards right, maybe I can parlay this into an appearance on ESPN 1250, weekdays 3 - 7pm.

* Got an e-mail from Kyle at Post Game Heroes and they have some great stuff. Here's the Saints game recap.

I'll put up a game thread tomorrow, although I won't be able to see the game until the NFL Network rebroadcast on Sunday afternoon (5 p.m. EST). I hope to have something up later Sunday -- answering some of the questions in the comments, as well as anything noteworthy from Heinz Field. Until then, try not to pull a groin.