Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Eat Chunky!

HSS correspondent SteelerBill checks in from Canton with some on-the-scene game notes:

...Here are some observations from ... [the Hall of Fame] weekend...
  • It was one of the best experiences as a football fan I've ever had - I cannot recommend the Steelers wing at the HOF enough. It literally brought a tear to my eye;

  • Went to Grille 36 (yes that 36) on Saturday night - my Uncle spoke highly, and I had to check out, the two-way mirror in the mens room. It overlooks the bar perverts...

  • Quote of the weekend from a police officer in Canton - "this is a great time to rob Pittsburgh"...he was making reference to the fact that 90% of the people in Canton were in Black and Gold (Steelers Black and Gold);

  • The Steelers exhibit at the HOF was, well, priceless;

  • In the Super Bowl Memories Room of the HOF they were showing highlights from XL - the highlight of that experience was when about 30 Steelers fans cheered as Willie Parker ran down the field - one member of Steelers Nation shouted 'Run Willie Run!'

  • Met Max Starks mom. Yes, the one from the commercial. She hugged my cousin Matt and said 'Eat Chunky'....I can't make this stuff up;

  • Benefit of being at the game in person - seeing Walter Young lay out to almost block a punt. Walter Young!

  • Best jerseys: Dermonti Dawson, Neil O'Donnell and Erik Fowler!

  • Best quote, part two: From a Saints fan sitting down the row from me arguing with the Steelers fan seated next to me.

    Saints fan: "Reggie Bush is better than Willie Parker..."

    Steelers fan response: "What?"

    Saints fan response to the response: "Did Willie Parker win the Heisman?"

    I leaned over "tell him that Gino Toretta also won a Heisman..."
So remember people, Eat Chunky! Many thanks to SteelerBill for the play-by-play.

... In much less important news, Randy Steele asks this probing question:
Is that illustration of you upside-down? (But either way you're obviously a very handsome guy...)
Before answering this question, does anybody know who it is? (And just to be clear, it's not really me. I don't have the balls to let all the nutjobs know what I actually look like. But rest assured, I am indeed very, very handsome.)

If nobody gets it -- and I imagine you won't -- I'll spill the beans tomorrow. Which reminds me ... tomorrow and Thursday I'll be at training camp. Leave any super important questions you'd like to to ask (probability I speak to anybody in Latrobe: 2.1% and falling).