Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two Things...

Mr. Wexell is reporting that Mr. Polamalu is close to a new deal. It also looks like LaMarr Woodley might be under contract soon too. So far, this off-season has gone a little smoother than last year's. Yay for that.

Also, I know I've been an absent father around these parts the past few months, not taking you guys for the weekends, missing your baseball games and piano recitals (to be fair, piano recitals are pretty boring). Well, that's going to change. Daddy's on some new medication, he feels a hell of a lot better, and he wants back in your life.

Okay, enough with the metaphor -- it's getting a little weird. The point is this: I'll be full-timing it around here once training camp starts in two weeks. Until then, I'll be posting on and off. You know, just like now.

Enjoy the shirtless Polamalu pic. It's kinda like getting a shiny new bike ... but very, very different.