Monday, July 23, 2007

Go Time

Alrighty, folks, everybody's under contract, and the 2007 season starts ... now. Apparently, the runs test is out (Casey Hampton does a fist pump) but Mike Tomlin has some other endurance-based feat in mind (the Hampburglar puts down his fist).

Oh, and Chuck Finder writes a swell article on Tomlin -- so swell, in fact that it's a two-part series (parts I and II)

I think I've mentioned this once or four times, but I'm right in the middle of moving -- the Wilson's just bought their first house (yay capitalism ... or something) and the closing's August 31. Which means that I'll be juggling a lot of stuff between now and then. But I think I'm up for it, so take that for what it's worth.

In the meantime, some predictions because, well, they're always fun to look back on in a few months and gawk. So here goes:

* Steelers win 10 games, Big Ben's head stays attached to his body all season;
* Roethlisberger throws 25 TDs, 15 INTs, suffers no concussions;
* Wilbert Parker goes for 1,100 yards on the ground, 400 receiving yards;
* Kevan Barlow makes the team and is heired the Duce Staley Gameday Sweats;
* Cedrick Wilson finally has a big season. And by big, I mean 650 yards, 45 receptions, and 5 TDs;
* Willie Reid misses the first month of the season with an ailment;
* Santonio Holmes has more receiving yards than Hines Ward;
* Ryan Clark starts over Anthony Smith;
* LaMarr Woodley gets five sacks, Lawrence Timmons is healthy, but only shows up on special teams;
* James Harrison has a better season than Joey Porter;
* Skippy converts an extra point shirtless;
* Chidi makes the team, and the Steelers somehow manage to go on without No. 7 wideout/special teams maven Sean Morey. (And yes, I still hate the word "maven");
* I don't miss a mortgage payment.