Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hey, Remember Kordell?

Alrighty people, things have slowed down a bit and hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly over the next few weeks (although now we're into the most boring part of the NFL season ... perfect timing, I know).

Some general news:

* It won't happen until later this summer -- probably right around the time training camp kicks off -- but I'll start posting more frequently, maybe four or five times a week (no, seriously). More on that later.

* I know Blogger isn't the best platform for discussion thread-y type conversations, and HaloScan crapping out last week didn't help either, but I have an idea that several people suggested a while back: If you want to write about something (preferably Heels, Sox or Steelers-related), just e-mail it to me. Instead of putting it in the comments, I'll just post it. I did this last season with Israel's weekly "How Long Are the Steelers' Playoff Odds Now That They've Lost Another Game" post and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't continue. Especially since most of the conversations recently are born out of readers comments.

I completely missed out on the Kordell memorial, but let me echo what everybody already said: Stewart was very easy to like, and the more he went through in Pittsburgh, the more I liked him (and don't forget, that's how many of us were introduced to Jim Wexell). Anyway, I'll get things started with two reader posts:
Having seen Kordell Stewarts name mentioned in this thread I would just like to say this - And I may have said this here before. But I have a tremendous amount of respect for Kordell Stewart. In fact, probably more than I have for many Steelers that I've seen come and go.

If you didn't live in Pittsburgh during his time here I don't think you really understand how much crap and guff this guy put up with. Stuff that he never, ever should have had to deal with no matter how good or bad he played on the field. And despite that, he to this day has never once said a bad word about Pittsburgh, the fans, the Steelers or even his time here in Pittsburgh. He always seems respectful and always seems to look back on his time here with a smile.

And he had some good years, too. And he was surprisingly good in his brief cameo appearance on ESPN or Fox or CBS or whatever network he spent some time on for one week.

In other ex-Steeler Quarterback news. I was flipping around the channels after work today and came across the Best Damn Most Devastating Hits, and just as I turned it on they were showing #18, which just happened to be the Season Opener of the 1995 season against the Detriot Lions when Tracy Scroggins (Who?) nearly cut Mike Tomczak in half.

- Adam Gretz
And then this:
Kordell Stewart made me a Steeler fan.

I grew up in Butler PA and I remember my Dad swearing at Bradshaw as a little kid. But, I was too much of a dork to follow sports. Later in life, I started to figure out that there was more to life than D&D about the same time that the Steelers were going to the Superbowl in 95.

I had always assumed that every football team used basically the same playbook and that it was all a matter of who could execute better. I didn't find that very interesting. I had no appreciation for the strategy in the game. But Stewart made it obvious to even an ignoramus like me that the Steelers were different, that teams could play the game differently. They had plays and talents that none of the other teams had. I began to revel in the fact that 4th and 1 was a gimme QB sneak, or that 3rd and 7 was likely to be a running play.

Stewart's abilities and shortcomings also caused me to identify with him in a personal way. When he needed to make a play, sometimes he'd pull it out and sometimes he wouldn't. I think I'm kind of the same way. Sometimes I have the right answer when I need it. Other times, I'm left looking like an idiot as I toss the ball right to the other team.

It broke my heart when he went to the Ravens.

- countertorque
Back in the day, my buddy Andy would draft Kordell on his fantasy team just because he liked him. Of course, he also drafted Jeff Reed during the 2003 season and that turned out to be a big mistake. I think Skippy missed like three or four extra points that season. Luckily, everybody sucked, so his job was never really in trouble.

Oh, and one more Kordell memory: Remember when Kris Brown just gave up during the 2001 season, when he missed something like 47 straight field-goal attempts? During one game, after missing a kick, the Heinz Field crowd was giving him the business, and there was Kordell on the sidelines, leading the cheers, waving a towel. All class. I'll also never forget Kordell coming off the bench to lead the Steelers to wins after Maddox went down with temporary paralysis. Never complained, never made a peep. Too bad Maddox couldn't have gone out like that.

Okey doke folks, it's on you now.