Monday, May 14, 2007

Best. Minicamp. Ever.

You guys are stealing my thunder. Who the hell knew you actually read anything other than the junk posted here. (Yeah, I know, you come here for the comments ... don't blame you). Anyhow, as ELSM writes, this piece about the draft is some of the most insightful stuff I've read ... anywhere (here are Part II and Part III, also worth reading).

The bottom line, from the Steelers' perspective anyway, is that the team never had any intentions of trading Timmons. The Broncos called about moving up from 21 because they had three guys on their first-round draft board: Timmons, Justin Harrell and Jarvis Moss. If anything, it just goes to show that maybe NFL teams know more about these guys than we do. For all of us panning Timmons, Packers fans were even worse when Green Bay drafted Harrell.

... In other Pittsburgh-related news, here's a little thought experiment, brought to you by the Behind the Steel Curtain blog. The premise is this: did the Steelers get the draft backwards? Would they have been better off taking a linebacker in 2006 and a wideout last month?

... In a follow up to Saturday's post, Just Sayin' takes the pro-players perspective on the Alan Faneca-front office soap opera. His point, in a sentence, is this: If you hate hearing football players bitch about money, stop giving your money to football.

And that's a fair point, and probably why a lot of people prefer college sports to their professional counterparts. I can understand both sides here, and you all know my mantra by now: I won't begrudge a player for wanting more money, but... "

If you're on the fence on the issue, maybe this'll help you make up your mind. Or make you want to kill yourself. One or the other.