Friday, April 27, 2007

Go Time: Draft-Day Edition

Yep, it's the biggest non-sports day of the sporting year: the NFL Draft. As promised, I'll guess at who the Steelers will take on Day 1, and I encourage you all to do the same. But first, a look back...

Here are the players I liked last year. In retrospect, LenDale White and Darnell Bing in Round 1 seem, well, optimistic, although I like the Anthony Smith foresight in the third round.

And here are my 2006 three first-day picks:

Pick 1, 32: Nick Mangold, C
Pick 2, 64: Demetrius Williams, WR / Greg Jennings, WR
Pick 3, 96: Danieal Manning, CB/S

Yeah, I was right on the money with those bad boys.

Okay, here's what will (almost certainly not) happen tomorrow:

Pick 1, 15: Daniel Sepulveda, P Ben Grubbs, G
Pick 2, 46: Stewart Bradley, OLB
Pick 3, 77: Brian Leonard, RB

For the record, I don't like taking a guard at 1.15, but I have a feeling this Faneca thing will end badly. Bradley fills an obvious need, and I think Brian Leonard will be available in the third round (because I know so much about the draft). Alrighty, you guys are up. (Henigin was last year's winner -- he got Santonio right. So props to Henigin. This year's winner will get a year's free subscription to HSS.)

Oh, and if you want to get pumped for the Main Event, I think this should do it.