Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 2 Thread: Sepulveda Time

Waterhead Wilson reporting for (Day 2) duty. So, to recap: Timmons, Woodley and Spaeth yesterday and ... who the hell knows today.

Thanks to Easy Like Sunday Morning, here are the best available guys still looking for work:
Running back
1: Antonio Pittman, Ohio State
2: Michael Bush, Louisville
3: Deshawn Wynn, Florida

Wide receiver
1: Aundrae Allison, East Carolina
2: David Clowney, Virginia Tech
3: Courtney Taylor, Auburn

Offensive tackle
1: Doug Free, Northern Illinois
2: Allen Barbre, Missouri Southern State
3: Brandon Frye, Virginia Tech

1: Josh Beekman, Boston College
2: Mansfield Wrotto, Georgia Tech
3: Manuel Ramirez, Texas Tech

1: Leroy Harris, North Carolina State
2: Doug Datish, Ohio State
3: Dan Mozes, West Virginia

Defensive end
1: Brian Robison, Texas
2: Jay Moore, Nebraska
3: Baraka Atkins, Miami (FL)

Defensive tackle
1: Ryan McBean, Oklahoma State
2: Paul Soliai, Utah
3: Marcus Thomas, Florida

Inside linebacker
1: Brandon Siler, Florida
2: H.B. Blades, Pittsburgh
3: Nate Harris, Louisville

Outside linebacker
1: Stephen Nicholas, South Florida
2: Tim Shaw, Penn State
3: Rory Johnson, Mississippi

1: Tanard Jackson, Syracuse
2: Fred Bennett, South Carolina
3: Kenny Scott, Georgia Tech

1: Josh Gattis, Wake Forest
2: John Wendling, Wyoming
3: Michael Johnson, Arizona

1: Kicker Mason Crosby, Colorado
2: Kicker Justin Medlock, UCLA
3: Punter Daniel Sepulveda, Baylor
Me, I hoping for another tight end -- Ben Patrick's still on the board -- and, of course, Danny S. Seriously, I wouldn't mind Fresno St. running back Dwayne Wright, maybe cornerback/safety Tanard Jackson (or safety John Wendling), and, say, Allen Barbre, from Missouri Southern (apparently, the front-office types like him).

Okay, let's see how this plays out.

Waterhead Wilson, signing out (by the way, like somebody mentioned in the comments, I definitely need a back story to the Waterhead nickname. I welcome all suggestions -- WW)