Monday, March 05, 2007

A Couple of Things...

... I haven't awarded a CPW recently, in part because I don't spend a lot of time reading the local rags, and also because Prisuta redefined what it means to be the Captain of the Pantloads when he shared this masterpeice with the world (well, before the Trib pulled it from the InterTubes forever). Whatever, here's a CPW for one of the Trib's newest guys, John Harris, based on this half-thought-out paragraph:
Part of Baltimore's possible interest in Porter stems from the loss of outside linebacker Adalius Thomas, who signed with New England yesterday. Middle linebacker London Fletcher-Baker signed with Washington on the first day of free agency.
This is from an article about the other AFC North teams' interest in Joey Porter. Here is all I'm going to say: if the Ravens couldn't afford to keep Thomas, how in the hell can they afford to sign Porter? Huh? Anyone?

Unless Harris doesn't have an internet connection, access to out-of-town newspapers, or never watches sports programming on the TVs, then there is no excuse for making this ridiculously asinine observation. I mean, the Ravens couldn't even afford to franchise Thomas for a year at $7.2 million. I know this isn't a really big deal, and certainly not malicious, but it is lazy as hell. I wouldn't say Harris Prisutaed this one, but he could've done much better.

... In other news, here's a link to my SCI column from Saturday, and Wex's first-round odds for who the Steelers will draft (scroll down the page).

Oh, and one more thing: Duke sucks balls. And yes, I'm 12 years old.