Thursday, November 09, 2006

That'll Fix It

Here's an e-mail exchange between me and my buddy Andy:
Andy: I left work late so I didn't call you back.

Me: I was just going to tell you cowher benched ike. I think the season is saved.

Andy: That makes no sense at all. I was frustrated when he kept getting beat on fades but he has not played poorly this year. One game should not lead to a benching. What a nutcase. Unless Dick wanted to do this, it is a horrible decision.
This is certainly surprising, but just think how much of a shock it would be if Cowher hadn't softened us up with the whole Ricardo-Colclough-as-punt-returner thing. Imagine the flabbergasted-ness. I also think it's funny that if LeBeau was behind this then it at least has a shred of legitimacy. Cowher, not so much. (Refer to Colclough case mentioned above for example of credibility issues.)

Honestly, I would like to see Ike on the field since he's ... well, the best cornerback on the team, but this move ain't saving the season (I don't care what I sarcastically wrote above). Either way, I'm sure McFadden will play well, the Steelers will win eight in a row and everything will be fine. Just wait.