Monday, November 27, 2006

One Day Later, the Steelers Still Suck

I'll have more tomorrow, but pr9000's comments echo many of the things I was thinking yesterday, both during the game and after. You know, when Cowher feebly accepted responsibility for getting out-coached, blah blah blah.
For me, the most perplexing part of this season has to be Professor Cowher's lack of passion and spittle on the sidelines.

It could be the case of networks not showing it, but somehow I get the feeling that after 15 years of stereotypical coverage (how does a man have muscles in his jaw that can be flexed like that?) the lack of said camera shots indicate a lack of said reactions by the Professor.

The DBs always were suspect; the LBs always were a bit average; the loss of Bus and ARE were big, but not season-ending ... I don't see much different this year in terms of talent. And I can't say that I see less effort on the field.

I can say, though, that I see less passion from Cowher. Ten years ago, his "that will never happen again" comment about the dumb personal foul penalties -- well, his word would have been law. But this year, it seems like he said it ... then nobody cared, or listened, and there weren't any visible consequences for the continued idiocy and lack of focus on the field.
I don't think Cowher could've been any more lifeless without actually being dead. (I'm pretty sure you can't be "more lifeless" but you get the point.)