Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mixing It Up ... Hypothetically

Last week, ProFootballTalk.com posted the following rumor:

There are rumors -- we repeat, rumors -- snaking through the NFL grapevine linking Steelers coach Bill Cowher to the Washington Redskins.

These are only rumors, but they're definitely out there.


And even if Gibbs retires from the 'Skins and Cowher retires from the Steelers and then Redskins owner Dan Snyder offers to double or triple Cowher's annual salary, the Steelers would have to be willing to release their rights to Cowher for the 2007 season.
First things first: I think I've mentioned this before, but I've softened my stance on PFT this season. I don't know if we're getting the kinder gentler Florio or if I'm just hardened from watching the Steelers win four games in 11 tries. Either way, I now read it every day.

So here's the question: Would anybody be against the Steelers pulling a Gruden on the Redskins? And although I just assumed Washington didn't have another first-round pick until 2020 or so, I think they actually do have one in the 2007 draft. With one year left on his contract, is Cowher worth a first-round pick -- probably 10th-15th overall? Or maybe a couple of first-rounders over the next few seasons?

I realize this is is nothing more than a way to take our minds of the 4-7 Steelers, but as long as we're talking about it ... I'd be all for it.

I think two first-rounders and 10 hours a year on Redskin One should do it. I won't even comment on whether Cowher wants to retire or relocate because I have no idea. I can certainly speculate based on his lifeless demeanor the past 12 weeks, but I'll save us all that little diatribe.

So whether Pittsburgh's in rebuilding mode or just needs a few tweaks to right the ship, I think having two first-rounders ain't a bad way to fix things. Of course, if Cowher leaves, there's the little issue of who would replace him. Whisenhunt/Grimm are still the obvious choices, but maybe not as obvious as they were in August.

Still, I think I'm in on this little thought experiment. And if you need some reassurance, just look at the Raiders. They've been very competitive since losing Jon Gruden.