Monday, October 23, 2006

Craptastic Football in HD

Well, that sucked. Luckily my plasma TV arrived last Friday so I got to see in fine detail how stupid turnovers cost the Steelers the game. If someone had told me Pittsburgh quarterbacks threw five TDs, and Big Ben didn't throw a pick, I would have guessed they won. By a lot. (Although I'd be suspicious about the "Pittsburgh quarterbacks" generalization; it makes it sound like someone got hurt. Hmm.) Nope.

And in fact, if the Falcons weren't such a mediocre team -- and DeAngelo Hall wasn't the most overrated player on the planet -- this game might've been over in regulation. I think GlennW has is right:
Can't point to the schedule with this one. Yeah, it's a road game, but Atlanta is just not that good. Steelers are making 5 big mistakes per game in these losses. Still trying to figure out how/why a WR (Washington) can false start on a clock-killing spike play. He's doing nothing and going nowhere on such a play; he just has to set up and stand still.
Concerning the Washington false start, I would add this: remember when Cowher challenged the third quarter Warrick Dunn TD? (You know, the one that was so obvious everybody saw it.) Well, if he doesn't make that bone-headed decision, the Steelers could've had a timeout at the end of the game. And that way, there's no need to rush to the line of scrimmage, blah blah blah. Sure, Nate's gaffe was inexcusable, but it should've never come to that.

I will say this, though. The 2006 Steelers could be the best 6-10 team ever. They've dominated both the Bengals and Falcons and because of a series of dumb coaching decisions and inexplicable turnovers, they're 2-4. Like Bill Parcells say, "You are what your record says you are." I don't disagree.

And watch out because here come the Oakland Raiders! I'm kidding. I think.